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2000 Olympic Trials

Dow, Fishman, and Eastler and head for the Olympic Trials

Women's Racewalk
New England Walker's fastest women, Joanne Dow and Gretchen Fishman, are two of the 24 women competing at the US Olympic Trials, in Sacremento, California. The top three finishers of the Women's 20-kilometer have a chance of representing the United States at the 2000 Olympics in Syndey, Austrailia.

Men's Racewalk
Kevin Eastler (Gretchen's brother) will compete on Saturday July 22nd for one of the top three postions in the Men's 20-kilometer racewalk.


Rohl walks away with 20K victory

By John Schumacher
Bee Staff Writer

(Published July 17, 2000)

Michelle Rohl enjoyed her stroll around Sacramento State's campus Sunday morning. Now it's time to start planning for a fun walk in Sydney.

Rohl, a 34-year-old mother of three from Black River Falls, Wis., earned her third consecutive Olympic berth, winning the Olympic Trials 20-kilometer walk in 1 hour, 32 minutes, 39 seconds.

Yueling Chen, the Chinese 10-kilometer Olympic champion in 1992 who is now a U.S. citizen, was second (1:33.40) and Debbie Lawrence third (1:33.48).

Rohl led from the start, leading the field out of Hornet Stadium after 1 1/2 laps for repeat loops through the campus. She pulled away at the 10K mark.

"The real race was the first 10K," Rohl said. "At 10K, I knew I had to make my break."

Rohl finished 20th in the 1992 Olympics and 14th in the '96 Games, both in the 10K walk.

Women's 20K racewalk final results
World record: 1:27.30 (Nadezhda Ryashkina, Russia, 1999); American record: 1:33.17 ( Michelle Rohl, 1999); meet record: None. (First time at 20 kilometers); world leader: 1:38:19.1 (Danielle Kirk, USA); Olympic 'A' standard: 1:36.00; Olympic 'B' standard: 1:40.00.
Olympic qualifiers: 1, Michelle Rohl, unattached, 1 hour, 32 minutes, 39 seconds. 2, Yueling Chen, unattached, 1:33.40. 3, Debbi Lawrence, Nike, 1:33.48.
Failed to qualify: 4, Joanne Dow, adidas, 1:36.17. 5, Sara Stevenson, Olivet Nazarene, 1:37.36. 6, Sara Standley, unattached, 1:38.38. 7, Jill Zenner, Miami Valley TC, 1:38.54. 8, Danielle Kirk, SoCal Racewalkers, 1:40.49. 9, Gretzhen Eastler, unattached, 1:41.24. 10, Susan Armenta, SoCal Racewalkers, 1:43.17. 11, Amber Antonia, Wisconsin-Parkside, 1:43.38. 12, Cheryl Rellinger, Miami Valley TC, 1:44.14. 13, Victoria Herazo, California Walkers, 1:45.23. 14, Bobbi Chapman, World Class RC, 1:45.51. 15, Deborah Iden, Parkside AC, 1:46.19. 16, Molly Lavacek, unattached, 1:46.43. 17, Lisa Sonntag, unattached, 1:47.23. 18, Debbie Benton, World Class RC, 1:48.14. 19, Ali Bahr, Parkside AC, 1:49.45. 20, Lyn Brubaker, Shore Athletic Club, 1:50.04. 21, Heidi Hauch, World Class RC, 1:50.36. 22, Sam Cohen, Parkside AC, 1:50.48. 23, Donna Chamberlain, Shore AC, 1:50.59. Theresa Vaill, unattached, did not finish.


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