The New England Walkers Club Despite all the publicity about running, there are twice as many people who walk for fitness as do run. According to the Perrier study: Fitness in America, some 17 million people run, while 34 million people walk for fitness. Becoming increasingly popular, race walking is an Olympic sport which produces a high level of fitness and is virtually injury-free. By straightening the knee as the leg passes under the body, body weight is placed on the skeleton which does not tire. Having one foot on the ground at all times allows some body weight to be supported causing less strain on the muscles. The race walkers style goes beyond that of brisk walkers, joggers, or even long distance runners. The walker's upper body is also used. Well muscled people who do not fit the mold of the wispy runner, but who desire aerobic training usually excel at race walking. People already walk, so race walking is still easier to do than any other endurance exercise. Therefore, more of the population -- children, adults, and senior citizens alike -- can race walk at speeds they can handle and enjoy more. Running or jogging at extremely slow speeds (10-15 minutes per mile) causes the leg muscles to constantly brake, often resulting in leg fatigue and tightness taking away from the fluidity and enjoyment of the exercise. This fluidity is preserved with race walking no matter what the speed. The NEW ENGLAND WALKERS is organized to promote walking as recreation, as healthful exercise, and as a competitive sport. Join, participate in our clinics, semi-organized training walks, hikes, and races. Our clinics and programs are tailored for the average person. Receive our regular newsletter, be informed in advance of upcoming race walks, clinics, etc. Call our Walker's Hot Line number, anytime, at 781-433-7142, for upcoming race walk activities. And, check in Friday's WHAT's HAPPENING page of the Boston Globe for upcoming walking events. If finances allow, club members at the national championship level will receive support. ================================================================================= Name: Address: City/State/Zip: Telephone: Date of Birth: USATF Number (if known): Primary reason for joining: Dues: still just $6.00 T-shirt: $6.00 Team Singlet: $12.00 Team Shorts: $12.00 Specify items and size: Send to: Thomas Knatt or: Justin F. Kuo 83 Riverside Avenue 39 Oakland Road Concord, MA 01742 Brookline, MA 02146-6700 (508-369-7912) (617-731-9889)
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