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2006 BOSTON MARATHON - Checkpoint Volunteers

Race Day Instructions

Last edited Saturday, April 15, 2006. Please check again as I may add/edit items.

Team Captain:
20-mile Checkpoint

Justin Kuo
home: 617-731-9889
work: 781-774-5410
mobile: 508-878-4070

Verizon Push-To-Talk mobile phone: 617-548-6079
(49/Box 5/06106776942)
Place to report:
Checkpoint Location
Mile 20
In Newton on Commonwealth Ave. E of Centre St., opposite E end of front door to residence #615 on left, 20 ft. 3 in. after east edge of B E Co. road cover, 13 ft. before leading edge of single car garage on right, and 40 ft. 4 in. before pedestrian warning sign on right.

Refer to the location list, below, for other checkpoints.

Time to report:

10:00 a.m. for all checkpoints - 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M, and 25M

Note: It is important to report on time for the team captain to assign two person teams, go through all procedures, answer any questions you may have, and give you your volunteer jacket. Be prepared for traffic congestion and leave yourself plenty of time to get to your checkpoint!


The starting times for the competitors will be as follows:

10:00 AM Mobility Impaired
11:25 AM Wheelchairs and handcycles
11:31 AM Elite Women's Start
(60 women - all other women will be in Boston Marathon Wave 1 and Wave 2)
12:00 PM Elite Men and Boston Marathon Wave 1 start
12:30 PM Boston Marathon Wave 2 start
What to bring: The instructions you are now reading and the recording sheets enclosed, a transistor radio, three stopwatches, clipboard, pencils (#2 soft pencils are recommended, do not use ball-point pen), and a clear plastic bag to put over the clipboard in case of rain. Please wear the volunteer jacket that will be provided to you on race day, dress appropriately for the weather, and wear comfortable shoes. You will be at this location for a while, we suggest you bring lunch and/or other refreshments. Please do not bring children and/or dogs!

Race Day Responsibilities:

Please note that for the 2006 Boston Marathon only the 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M and 25M checkpoints are requested to call in the information below. All 5K and Half Marathon data will be collected through the timing mats.

Read attached instructions and:

a. record first 5 bib numbers and times of top wheelchair men and telephone: (617) 375-9853
b. record first 5 bib numbers and times of top wheelchair women and telephone: (617) 375-9854
c. record first 15 bib numbers and times of top male runners and telephone: (617) 375-9851
d. record first 15 bib numbers and times of top female runners and telephone: (617) 375-9852
e. record numbers of top 100 men and women
f. record select times until 100th female passes your checkpoint
g. give all information to your team captain who will return it to the BAA offices with mobile phone.

When arriving at the checkpoint location, the team captain should call one of the above numbers to test that the cell location is working, and to report any difficulties and/or irregularities at the location. You will also be receiving a test call from the pressroom prior to the race start. Note: If it absolutely impossible to get through on any of the above lines because of busy signals, please call the information in to (617) 375-9850. Dick Morrison (Oval Room) and Julie Mortilliti (Oval Room Captain) can assist you in the event of a problem.

Note: The team captain may be requested to fax information to the BAA on race day to fax number (617) 236-4505. Original recording sheets telephones and transistor radios should be returned to the office as soon as possible after the race in the FED EX package provided for you.

We appreciate you sharing your enthusiasm and time again with us this year. Your help and expertise at these checkpoints is vitally important. On behalf of the Boston Athletic Association, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Gloria Ratti (
Checkpoint Coordinator
(617) 236-1652 x 2624
Dave McGillivray
Race Director
(617) 236-1652 x 2623


2006 BOSTON MARATHON Checkpoint Volunteers

Checkpoint Recorder Instructions

ON RACE DAY and POST-RACE The top 100 numbers and select times are used for verifying that award winners (and other top finishers) have indeed run the full course. A minimum of seven people is assigned to each checkpoint. Your team captain will assign teams to record wheelchair athlete, male or female bib numbers, or times. Number and Time Sheets are enclosed for recording men (blue), women (pink) and wheelchair (yellow) information.
1. RECORDING BIB NUMBERS One person "calls" out bib numbers, the second person writes them down. Numbers must be written down in the order the runners pass your checkpoint. Note: Please be sure to write down "F" in front of women's numbers. This year the women's elite division numbers are F1 through F100, and the elite women masters' numbers are F101 through F150. (There is a small RED F in front of the number, the bib background is white.)

After recording the top 15 numbers, hand the sheet to your team captain and continue recording through the 100th runner. For wheelchairs record top five men and five women only, then give to your team captain. Note: should several of the top 15 athletes be running in a pack (a close group with three or more runners beside and/or behind each other, sometimes obscuring each others number), record them as accurately in order as you can, and note that they are "in a pack". Do not leave out any numbers if possible.

2. RECORDING TIMES One person "calls" out the times, the second person writes them down. Times must be written down as the runners pass the exact location of your checkpoint.

After recording the top 15 times, hand the sheet to your team captain and start recording "select times", i.e., write down the number of a runner coming up to your checkpoint, then add the time when he passes the checkpoint (again, one person calls, the second person writes). Record as many as possible, every fifth or sixth number would be great. For wheelchairs record top five men and five women only, then give to your team captain

3. CALL-IN TO PRESS ROOM Once the top 15 numbers and times are recorded, the team captain transposes the times onto the number sheet, while a second volunteer establishes a telephone connection with the press room. The team captain then reads both place, bib number and time to the person taking the information in the press room. The same procedure is in effect for the top five wheelchair men and women. At the time of calling in, also report any extra-ordinary circumstances that may prevent you from doing your job.

After 1:15 p.m. (real time) men's information may also be called in on the men's wheelchair telephone number (617-375-9853), and women's information on the women's wheelchair number (617-375-9854). Please make sure to identify that you are calling in information on the OPEN race, NOT the wheelchair race.

When calling in please state the following:

a. Your checkpoint location (e.g., 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M AND 25M)
b. The division you're calling in (e.g. wheelchair men, men's open)
c. Bib number, then time for each runner
COMPLETION AND RETURN Once the top 100 men and women have been recorded, match the bib numbers from the select timing sheets with those on the bib number sheets, and transpose times onto the bib number sheets. The team captain collects all sheets and is responsible for returning all information to the BAA Office.

Numbers on front and back are worn by:

Men Open Division numbers 1 - 200 white background
Men Masters Division numbers 501 - 520
Women Open Division numbers F1 - F00

white background

Women Masters Division numbers F101 - F150
Men & Women Non-elite, first wave numbers 1000 - 10999 blue background
Men & Women Non-elite, second wave numbers 11000+ red background

Make sure to record "F" when writing down numbers.

We have done our best to assign all top athletes within the above number breakdown, however, late entries in any of the above divisions may be numbered between 1000 and 1999, or higher. Please record full number. All numbers have a blue background!

Wheelchair Men numbers W1 - W100 (blue background)
Wheelchair Women numbers W101 - W125 (pink background)

All wheelchair numbers start with a W, which is already filled in on your checkpoint sheets. For your information Quad Class athlete numbers have a blue background, however they are anticipated to be farther back in the field and as such would not have to be recorded.

NOTE: Wheelchair athletes will also have the digits of their bib number displayed on their helmets: in front of the helmet (when the athlete is in "tuck "or "racing" position) and on the right and left side of the helmet! The digits will also be posted on the frame of the chair, just in front of the right wheel (visible from the side). The wheelchair women's helmet and chair numbers also will have a pink background.

All bibs display adidas at the top, and 2006 BOSTON MARATHON name and blue logo at the bottom. All official numbers 1000-10,999 have a blue background, numbers 11,000 and up have a red background.

Also, see the 2006 Elite Field List below.

Timing Information WBZ Radio (1030 AM) will be provided with real-time audio of the Starting Gun for the Wheelchair, Women's Elite, and Open Race starts. You may start your watches at the sound of each of the three start tones for the Wheelchair start at 11:25 a.m., the Elite women's start at 11:31 AM and for the Elite Men's and Main Race at 12 Noon. It is important that you start a minimum of three watches at the WBZ radio tones.

2006 BOSTON MARATHON Checkpoint Volunteers


2006 BOSTON MARATHON Checkpoint Volunteers

Checkpoint Locations

Map showing approximate location of 20-mile checkpoint

map of 20 mile checkpoint

Location: The 20-mile checkpoint is in Newton on Commonwealth Ave. E of Centre St., opposite E end of front door to residence #615 on left, 20 ft. 3 in. after east edge of B E Co. road cover, 13 ft. before leading edge of single car garage on right, and 40 ft. 4 in. before pedestrian warning sign on right. Click on the map above to view details.

The single family home at 615 Commonwealth Ave, Newton MA 02459 is owned by Robert J (Bob) and Carolyn D Allen.

I captured these images of the 20-mile checkpoint location one week before the marathon. The 20M was painted in yellow on the road. Click on the images to enlarge.

The 20m checkpoint is just east of the intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and Centre St. in Newton.

ooking west from the 20m checkpoint

The orange cone is on the right side of Commonwealth Ave. The green house across the street is #615 Commonwealth Ave.

L ooking east toward the 20M checkpoint.

Driving: To drive to the checkpoint from Route 128, take Route 9 east, (toward Boston). You'll pass the Elliott MBTA stop. You'll pass the Getty Gas, Dunkin Donuts, Speedy Muffler shop on your right. Look for the exit to Centre Street on your right and take that exit. It'll pass under Route 9. Stay on Centre St for 1.5 miles. Take a right onto Commonwealth Ave. The 20M is on Commonwealth Ave. It's less than 1/10 mile from the intersection of Centre St. and Commonwealth Ave.

Parking: The 20-mile checkpoint is less than 3/4 miles from the Newton Centre stop on the MBTA (Green) D-Line. If you are going to drive, I would recommend approaching from Route 9, which is south of Commonwealth Ave., and park on Rice or Sumner Streets.


Key Point Locations certified splits

START in Hopkinton on East Main St. near WWI statue. The 8 ft. 4 in. wide painted start line is 50 ft. 2 in. E of W tip of grass island, 33 ft. 8 in. W of W edge of concrete base of statue, and 25 ft. 0 in. E of E edge of storm drain on north side of road.
1 K 0.62 mi. - 21.8 ft. before Pole 65 on right Mile 1 In Hopkinton at Peach St. intersection on right side 42 ft. before Peach St. sign and 33 ft. after pole 47 on left side.
2K 1.24 mi. - 15.5 ft. before beginning of driveway to #112 on right, 71.8 ft. before pole 32 on right, and 84.8 ft. before mailbox post to #111 on left
3K 1.86 mi. - 4 ft. after leading edge of Woodland Rd. on right and 30 ft. before pole 2 on right
Mile 2 In Hopkinton on E. Main St. on right side of driveway to residence #272. Point is 58 ft. 6 in. after pole 119
4K 2.48 mi. - In Ashland, just before intersection with Franklin Rd. on left, 5 ft. after pole 89X
Mile 3 In Ashland on Union St. at driveway to residence #66 and 9 ft. before pole 65
5K* 3.1 mi. - In Ashland on Union St. at intersection with exit lane from Voyagers Ln. Point is 13 ft. before easternmost crosswalk line and hydrant on SE corner
6K 3.72 mi. - 3 ft. before first front door to residence # 208 on right, and 13 ft. after pole 31 X on right
Mile 4 In Ashland on Union St. near E side of THREE STAR PLAZA lot. Point is on right side 21 ft. before pole l5
7K 4.35 mi. - at residence 9 13, 29.2 ft. before mile marker post 15/2 on right, and 52.4 ft. before pole 31
8K 4.97 mi. - 9.5 ft. before pole 48 / 1X on left, and 12.5 ft before "Entering Framingham" sign on left
Mile 5 In Framingham on Waverly St., 143 ft. after "Entering Framingham" sign. Point is on right side 13 ft. after pole 129
9K 5.59 mi. - just before entrance to #875 K.C.R. Inc. on left, 9.5 ft. after No Parking sign on right, and 33.8 ft. before pole 99X
Mile 6 In Framingham on Waverly St. Point is on right side at E edge of front door to Waverly Supermarket, and 41 ft. before unmarked pole at crosswalk at Union House Restaurant.
10K* 6.21 mi. - In Framingham on Waverly St. on right side 35 ft. after pole 67X at the Pão Brasil Bakery Inc. (formerly Stephanini Baking Co. )
Mile 7 In Framingham on Waverly St. after Beaver St. intersection. Point is on right side 54 ft. after pole 227-28 at Texaco Station lot.
Mile 8 In Natick on Central St. before Newfield Dr. Point is on right side 14 ft. after pole 121 on left side and even with 2 wooden signs for Deerfield Forest & Natick Condominiums
Mile 9 In Natick on Central St. along guard rail by Lake Cochituate. On right side 34 ft. after pole 196 68 on left side
15K 9.32 mi. - In Natick on Central St. by guard rail and lake. Point is on right side 29 ft. before pole 196-50 on left side.
Mile 10 In Natick at 38 Central St. Point is on right side 45 ft. before pole 196-12 (at driveway to white 2 story home).
Mile 11 In Natick on Central St. Point is on right side even with W face of residence #155 (shingle home set back from road).
Mile 12 In Wellesley on Central St. before the college. Point is on right side 23 ft. before metal light pole 34 on left side.
20K. 12. 43 mi - At Wellesley College beyond traffic light. Point is 8 ft. after metal light pole 27 on left side.
Mile 13 In downtown Wellesley on Central St. on right side and opposite first column to right of door to store #73 (Ann Taylor).
Half Marathon * In downtown Wellesley on Central St. Point is 57 ft. after W curb of Abbott St. and 7 ft. after hydrant on SE corner.
Mile 14 In Wellesley on Washington St. on right side 74 ft. before W curb of Woodlawn Ave.
25K 15.53 mi. - In Wellesley on Washington St. on right side 13 ft. after the E curb line of Hillside Rd., and even with E face of residence #80
Mile 16 In Newton on Washington St. on right side just beyond driveway to residence 42344, and 15 ft. before pole 252.
Mile 17 In Newton on Washington ST. past the Woodland Gold Club entrance. Point is on right side 22 ft. before pole 202 and W edge of driveway to residence #1890.
Mile 18 In Newton on Commonwealth Ave. in intersection of Exeter St. and on right side 16 ft. 6 in. before crosswalk.
30K 18.64 mi. - In Newton on Commonwealth Ave. 2 ft. after E end of white brick house #1230
Mile 19 In Newton on Commonwealth Ave. on right side 24 ft. after metal light pole 1697 on left side
Mile 20 In Newton on Commonwealth Ave. E of Centre St., opposite E end of front door to residence #615 on left, 20 ft. 3 in. after east edge of B E Co. road cover, 13 ft. before leading edge of single car garage on right, and 40 ft. 4 in. before pedestrian warning sign on right
Mile 21 In Chestnut Hill on Commonwealth Ave. on right side before Old Colony Rd. Point is 15 ft. before center of front door of residence #176 (English Tudor style home).
35K 21.75 mi. - In Brighton on Commonwealth Ave. on line with the W curb of Wade St. and 34 ft. after light pole 1544 at Sunoco Station
Mile 22 In Brighton on Commonwealth Ave. at entrance lane to Chestnut Hill Dr. and at E edge of manhole cover in middle of entrance lane to Chestnut Hill Dr.
Mile 23 In Brookline on Beacon St. at Washington Square, on right side even with W edge of store window to #1 665A (Nail Care Shop)
Mile 24 In Brookline on Beacon St. and after Charles St. Point is on right side 5 ft. before auto entrance to #1265 (big brown brick apartment bldg,)
40K 24.85 mi. - In Boston on Beacon St. on right side at W edge of metal overhead door of shop #839 and 30 ft. E of E curb of Minor St.
Mile 25 In Boston on Beacon St. on the Mass Pike overpass and 5 ft. W of light pole #R-1 7150 on left side.
1 Mile To Go At Kenmore Square on right side at E edge of doors to shop #532 (Baldinis Pizza)
Mile 26 In Boston on left side of Boylston St. opposite the center post between revolving doors on Prudential Center
Finish On Boylston St. at Boston Public Library. Painted strip is 6 ft. 4 in. wide and runners finish on the E edge of strip. Pole # R19959 on N side is 45 ft. 8 in. W of W edge of strip. Back edge of strip aligns with E end of segmented concrete wall on Public Library and with E edge of door to shop #665 (NE Dental Ctr.) on N side.
Other points:
  • Intersection of Washington St. (Rte. 16) and Commonwealth Ave (Rte 30) - 17.45762 mi. even with Washington St. and Commonwealth Ave. traffic signal post
  • Intersection of Hereford St. and Boylston St. - 25.86870 mi. at E edge of water drain. Point is 631.16732 yd. from the finish

The Boston Marathon course was measured and certified (MA05019RN) in 2005 by Ray Nelson. Click here for the course certification map.

2006 Elite Field List

Bib Name
City / State Country
Open 18-39 Female
F1 Tosa, Reiko 2:22:46 F 29 Ehime JPN JPN
F2 Prokopcuka, Jelena 2:22:56 F 29 Jurmala LAT LAT
F5 Jeptoo, Rita 2:24:22 F 25 Kapsabet KEN KEN
F6 Biktimirova, Alevtina 2:25:12 F 23 Cheboksary RUS RUS
F7 Balciunaite, Zivile 2:25:15 F 27 Vilnius LTU LTU
F8 Jevtic, Olivera 2:25:23 F 28 Titovo Uzice SCG SCG
F9 Genovese, Bruna 2:25:35 F 29 Volpago Del Montello ITA ITA
F10 Shimahara, Kiyoko 2:26:14 F 29 Yamaguchi JPN JPN
F11 Nurgalieva, Olesya 2:29:35 F 29 Perm RUS RUS
F12 Dulecha, Kutre 2:30:06 F 27 Sidamo ETH ETH
F14 Connelly, Tina 2:34:43 F 35 Port Coquitlam BC CAN CAN
F22 Levan, Emily R. 2:38:32 F 33 Wiscasset ME USA USA
F23 Demidenko, Svetlana 2:32:44 F 30 Albufeira POR RUS
F24 Annis, Caroline E. 2:43:46 F 25 San Francisco CA USA USA
F25 Graytock, Carly E. 2:44:02 F 27 Cambridge MA USA USA
F26 Hovey, Shannon H. 2:45:09 F 35 Simsbury CT USA USA
F27 Glockenmeier, Christine 2:47:48 F 38 Basking Ridge NJ USA USA
Open 18-39 Male
1 Negussie, Hailu 2:08:16 M 26 Showa ETH ETH
2 Onsare, Wilson 2:06:47 M 29 Nairobi KEN KEN
3 Kiplagat, William 2:06:50 M 33 Keiyo KEN KEN
4 Tola, Tesfaye 2:06:57 M 31 Arsi ETH ETH
5 Maiyo, Benjamin 2:07:09 M 27 Trans Nzoia KEN KEN
7 Ruto, Julius 2:08:10 M 34 Marakwet KEN KEN
8 Cheruiyot, Robert 2:08:59 M 27 Nandi District KEN KEN
9 Cherigat, Timothy 2:09:34 M 29 Chepkorio KEN KEN
10 Culpepper, Alan 2:09:41 M 33 Lafayette CO USA USA
11 Keflezighi, Meb 2:09:53 M 30 San Diego CA USA USA
12 Yuda, John 2:10:13 M 26 Dodoma TAN TAN
21 Briney, Trent M. 2:12:34 M 27 Rochester MI USA USA
13 Ietani, Kazuo 2:12:37 M 28 Himejo JPN JPN
15 Carrasco, Alirio 2:12:09 M 30 Boyaca COL COL
16 Sell, Brian 2:13:22 M 28 Rochester MI USA USA
17 Verran, Clint 2:14:17 M 30 Lake Orion MI USA USA
18 Korir, John debut M 30 Mulot KEN KEN
19 Merga, Deriba debut M 25 Addis Ababa ETH ETH
20 Gilmore, Peter M. 2:14:01 M 28 San Mateo CA USA USA
22 Johnson, Chad N. 2:16:54 M 29 Rochester Hills MI USA USA
23 Morgan, Mike G. 2:18:30 M 26 Rochester Hills MI USA USA
24 Humphrey, Luke J. 2:18:49 M 25 Rochester MI USA USA
31 Rosendahl, Martin K. 2:19:32 M 27 Rochester MI USA USA
34 Lundstrom, Chris J. 2:20:04 M 30 Minneapolis MN USA USA
35 O'Brien, Kyle R. 2:20:21 M 25 Rochester MI USA USA
Masters 40-49 Female
F101 Biktagirova, Madina 2:32:41 F 41 Albufeira POR RUS
F102 Sultanova-Zhdanova, Firaya 2:32:25 F 44 Gainesville FL USA RUS
F103 Titova, Tatiana N. 2:36:03 F 40 Gainesville FL USA RUS
Masters 40-49 Male
501 Ryzhov, Fedor 2:20:28 M 46 Albufeira POR RUS
502 Nyangincha, Sammy 2:15:00 M 43 Nakuru KEN KEN
504 Pliska, Ken J. Jr. 2:24:49 M 40 Louisville CO USA USA
Push Rim Wheelchair Division
W1 Van Dyk, Ernst 1:24:48 M 33 Paarl RSA RSA
W2 Bergman, Alan J. 1:27:00 M 32 Cobble Hill BC CAN CAN
W3 Herriot, Kenny 1:28:13 M 44 Aberdeen GBR GBR
W4 Puigbo Verdaguer, Roger 1:29:35 M 28 Sant Julia De Vilatorta ESP ESP
W5 Wahoram, Prawat 1:29:36 M 25 Bangkok THA THA
W6 Schabort, Krige 1:30:03 M 42 Cedartown GA USA RSA
W8 Filteau, Michel 1:31:09 M 39 St-Jean Baptiste PQ CAN CAN
W9 Smith, Kelly W. 1:34:41 M 41 Langley BC CAN CAN
W11 Ledo, Mark P. 1:38:07 M 28 Maple ON CAN CAN
W18 Doak, Patrick A. 1:56:19 M 38 Concord MA USA USA
W101 Roy, Diane 1:50:53 F 35 Hatley PQ CAN CAN
W102 Reilly, Shirley S. 1:51:50 F 20 Tucson AZ USA USA
W103 Hunkeler, Edith 1:54:52 F 33 Esolzwil SUI SUI
W104 Coughlin, April 2:29:27 F 27 New York NY USA USA


All times were based on 2005 actual times.

Time of Day Event
10:00 Volunteers arrive at 20 mile checkpoint
10:30 Granite State sets up Chronomix display clock
11:25 Start Wheelchair division
11:31 Start Elite Women
11:41 Yellow school bus drops off two mile markers with 4 to 6 volunteers
12:00 Start Elite Men and Wave 1

First male wheelchair arrives

12:30 Start Wave 2

Fifth male wheelchair arrrives

12:37 Phone male wheelchair times to pressroom
12:46 First female wheelchair arrives
12:47 Granite State sets Chronomix to Elite Women's time
12:58 Fifth female wheelchair arrives
13:00 Phone female wheelchair times to pressroom
13:22 First female runner arrives
13:37 Fifteenth female runner arrives
13:38 Phone female runners times to pressroom
13:40 First male runner arrives
13:43 Fifteenth male runner arrives
13:50 Phone male runners times to pressroom
14:39 100th female runner arrives
15:30 Clean-up checkpoint, thank neighbors and head home.


Instructions on using the Verizon V60p Handset.

New England Walkers
39 Oakland Road
Brookline, MA 02445-6700
United States

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