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New England Walkers Newsletter
December 1999

Our biggest era yet
    The New England Walkers are ushering in Y2K with many K's -- racewalks of
3K, 5K, 10K, 20K and more; we guarantee to have a distance to suit everyone.
    Our schedule for 2000 includes a resumption of the popular club
5-kilometer races at Danahy Park in Cambridge, MA. They will be held at 9:30
a.m. on the second Sunday of every month, from March until October.  The
races will be judged but no one will be disqualified; the judges instead will
offer encouragement and useful advice. For more information, contact Bill
Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.).
    Also in store is our annual Grand Prix competition. Participants are
ranked by their times in their best four out of seven  designated events, as
measured against age-graded tables.
    Our Grand Prix lineup:
    * A 3-kilometer indoor race, your choice of either the New England track
meet on February 18 or the National Masters meet on March 26.  Both events
will be held at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston.
    * The Clamdigger five mile road race, late April in Westerly, RI.
    * Our New England 20-kilometer race, early June at a site to be
determined. Preliminary suggestions are Franklin Park in Boston and Ninigret
Park in Charleston, RI.
    * The Eastern Masters 5-kilometer walk, held as part of the regional
track meet in August at Springfield College in Springfield, MA.
    * The National One-Hour and Two-Hour Championships, Oct. 1 at Worcester
Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA.
    * The Connecticut Racewalkers' 10-kilometer championship, presumably in
    * Any national championship race of your choosing.

New year's resolutions
    What are our racewalking goals, hopes and fanciful wishes for Year 2000?
We put the question to many of our club members and friends. Here are the

 Bill Harriman
         For the new year and beyond I would like nothing better than to
continue training really hard and racing full blast to try to improve on my
PR's. However, that will not happen. For the past three years I've trained
and raced really hard and been plagued with hamstring and lower back
injuries, culminating in a very painful disc herniation this past August, on
the first day of my vacation. So it's time for a different strategy. I like a
challenge and tend to be very goal-oriented, so my challenge for 2000 will be
to survive the entire season without injury and to participate in as many of
the races as I can without racing all out in any of them. So what's the point
of racing at all? Well, I'll stay in good shape and have fun just being out
there with all you other maniacs. Lap counting when I could be racing is not
my idea of a good  time! If I can participate in 20-25 races, make the ladder
once again in the 5-10-20 (31:00-64:00-2:11) and avoid injury, I'll be quite
happy with that. I wish you all fast times and good health in the new year.

Stan Sosnowski
      In the new century I'll be a half century old and almost middle aged so
I'm setting my sights high. Pretty soon, once I reach middle age, I won't be
having P.R.'s very often if every again. That said here is my wish list for
the next century. 1 mile under 7.00, 3k under 14.00, 5k under 25.00, 10k
under 50.00 and 20k under 2:00.0. Oh yeah, and a 40k , in my dreams or should
say in my nightmares. Although a 50k when I'm 50 might not be out of the
     P.S. I also resolve to improve my wardrobe so as to add a little more
color to the 2000 season.

Tom Knatt
    My desire for 2000 is to win the one hour 60+ race in Worcester in
American record time.
Joanne Harriman
For the new year I hope to improve on my times at all distances and to
complete at least four Grand Prix races. I'd especially like to break 35
minutes for 5k to make the ladder at that distance. The best I did in 1999
for 5k was 35:28. I hope to stay healthy and to continue enjoying racewalking
as well as running.
 Marcia Gutsche
   My racewalking goals for 2000.
        1)    Fully recover from hamstring/shin injuries and return to
pre-injury fitness level.

    2) Continue work towards multi-year goal of completing a marathon on each
of the 7 continents.  To this end, complete the Cape Town, South Africa
marathon on March 5, 2000 (continent #4).
    3) Focus on improved stretching routine following each workout and
schedule routine therapeutic massages.
    4) Achieve ranking on national ladder for all three events - 5K, 10K
    5) Complete a weekly track workout focused on improving speed.  Improve
attendance at weekly group workouts with NEW or CSU groups.
    6)  Keep fit and healthy and have fun!
Sheila Danahey
    My first New Year's resolution is to put away into the closet all three
casts that I have had on various parts of my body this past year and be
injury-free for the year 2000.
    My second resolution is to "shop till I drop" for some new racing outfits
so I can be more visible than the conservative outfits worn by Stan at the
    My third resolution is to make the ladders this year and do enough races
to finish the Grand Prix.

Fred Anderson
 For 2000 I hope I can stay close to Charlie M. in every race and I hope he
has a year full of PR's

Carrie Thompson
    My resolution?  Get back into racing after a year+ layoff due to a
massive ankle injury while playing soccer.   Prior to the injury I was aiming
for a new PR in the 10K (around 55 minutes)-- that's my time goal for this
Richard Yanopoulis-Ruquist
    My goal is that my wife will allow me to become competitive again.
Ken Mattsson
    My resolutions?  Get over my psoas injury, compete in Washington and not
get DQ'ed, get back into my racing shape of a few years ago, be a full
participant in the New England Racewalking Grand Prix, and do a sub 2 hour
20k (I'd like to do
a sub-1:56, but I'll be happy with the 1:59:59!)  As for the Cambridge Sports
Union, I'm looking to really solidify the group, get more people involved,
and get more racewalkers going in more areas of New England.  Also to set up
some good race walking events in the area, and coordinate them with the
Connecticut  group and to have them publicized early, so that people can make
Sybil Breitwieser
           Since I am a beginning racewalker, all my wishes are fanciful.
However, My goal for the near future is to racewalk a 5k and finish first in
my age group (which shouldn't be too difficult for an old girl like me). My
hope is to, at least, finish!!! Another hope would be to connect with a
racewalking group at the Cape when I relocate.
John Costello
            My new years racewalking resolutions....
1. Do a 27-minute 5K race.
2. Win the Great Bear 5K racewalk in May. ( This is what I have been trying
to do for a while.)
Brian  Savilonis
    Turning 50 just pushes me into a more competitive age group.
    My basic goal is to actually train and get in shape for a serious 20k at
Nationals; I'd like to be able to attempt sub 1:45 again.
     I hope I develop enough common sense to completely avoid all indoor
racing, but I probably won't manage that.
    I also hope to run sub 30:30 for 5 miles, and to see at least one horse
win a stakes race, but I guess those goals don't involve racewalking.
Charlie Mansbach
    To be as healthy as I was in 1999, when I competed in 13 races.  And, if
the fates are with me, to get into better shape than I was in 1999, when I
had 13 of the slowest races of my life.
Honor roll
     Several members of our New England racewalking community were recognized
at the USA Track and Field annual convention in December.
    Steve Vaitones, managing director of the USATF New England office,
received one of seven President's Awards for longtime service.  "I look to
people who have been more or less in the trenches year after year after year
who haven't received too much thanks or recognition,'' said Patricia Rico,
USATF president. "Steve is always out there doing his job, working very hard
to promote the sport."
          Justin Kuo, our New England racewalking chairman, received   the
Horace Crow Award for his volunteer work on the local level.
         And  Masters Racewalker of the Year awards went to Bob Keating in
the male 50-54 category and to Jean Shepardson in the  female 65-69 division.
Final Grand Prix standings                  Participation took a drop in 1999
in this series of events, which lets us see how our performances stack up
against the world-graded age tables -- and shows how we compare against one
another when age levels are taken into consideration.
            Meg and Brian Savilonis again graciously  will deliver T-shirts
to all of  the qualifiers listed below.  Results are based on scores in four
of the seven designated races for 1999.

Men                                                     Women
Bob Keating   350.0                              Rachel Beaudet   290.5
Dave Baldwin (Maine)   327.5
Brian Savilonis   320
Joe Light   318.8
Stan Sosnowski 301.3
Louis Free 300.1
Bob Beaudet 299.7
Bill Harriman 296.3
Charlie Mansbach 278.7
Fred Anderson 262.5
Race results
 New England Walkers 10K -- Nov. 7, Concord, MA.   Our traditional end to the
outdoor season.  A nice day for our ramble through Tom Knatt's neighborhood,
and a good turnout for the post-race potluck feast and club meeting.
1. Rich McElvery, Hollis, NH     55:63
2. Joe Light, Westerly RI            56:42
3. Bob Ullman, Manchester NH  58:01
4. Tom Knatt, Concord              1:03:46*
5. Charles Mansbach, Newton    1:03:46*
6. Bill Harriman, Tewksbury       1:06:05
7. Justin Kuo, Brookline             1:09:02
* The third time these two characters have finished within about a second of
each other in this race.

1. Joanne Harriman, Tewksbury 1:15:12
2. Annie Montgomery, Concord  1:22:39
3. Carol Kuo, Brookline       1:22:39
4. Pat Feeney, Chestnut Hill  1:34:00

 Connecticut 10K and 20K -- Oct. 16,  Connecticut College,   New London.   A
deep field and some terrific performances at both distances.
    Men's 10K
1.  Bob Keating (52)              Nashaua, NH           51:46.3*
2.  Jim Carmines (56)               Etters, PA             51:46.5*
3.  Dave Romansky (61)          Pennsville, NJ       54:02.7*
4.  Nick Mannuzzi (39)            Monroe, CT          54:04.5
5.  Dave Baldwin (56)             Harrington, ME      54:03.8
6.  Jonathan Chasse (16)          Readfield, ME       54:07.1
7.  Joe Light (52)                     Westerly, RI          54:27.6
7.  Stan Sosnowski (49)           West Kingston, RI  56:54.5
8.  Andy Cable (34)                  Shelton, CT           1:02:46.9
9.  Louis Free (69)                   Uncasville, CT       1:07:51.1
    Richard Huie (64)                Branford, CT             DQ

Women's 10K
1.  Gretchen Eastler-Fishman (27) Chelmsford, MA      48:08.1*
2.  Gloria Rawls (42)             Mountaintop, PA              56:23.3*
3.  Lee Chase (45)                Glastonbury, CT               57:18.6
4.  Amanda Bergeron (16)          Poland, ME               59:10.1
5.  Anne Percival (41)            New Britian, CT            59:54.0
6.  Sherry Brosnahan (47)         Bridgewater, NJ        1:00:33.5*
7.  Anne Favolise (16)            Columbia, ME             1:01:54.0
8.  Janet Higbie (58)             Indianapolis, IN            1:02:16.3*
9.  Ginger Armstrong (37)         Taftville, CT             1:05:20.2
10. Andrea Kannapell (38)         New York, NY        1:11:14.8
11. Sheila Danahey (48)           Mystic, CT                1:11:49.9
 12.  Shelly Pena (48)              McAllen, TX              1:11:41.7

* continued on to complete 20 kilometers

Men's 20K
1.  Bob Keating              1:45:34.9
2.  Jim Carmines             1:51:07.9
3.  Dave Romansky        1:51:17.6

Women's 20K
1.  Gretchen Eastler-Fishman 1:38:48.1
2.  Gloria Rawls                      2:03:04.2
3.  Sherry Brosnahan               2:05:24.6
4.  Janet Higbie                        2:09:17.1

 Judges: Tom Eastler, Diana Gladden, Maryanne Torrellas and Justin Kuo.

        National One- and Two-Hour Championships -- October 3, Worcester
Polytechnic Institute track,  Worcester, MA. A glorious day in many ways for
the New England Walkers.  In our 11th consecutive year of playing host to
this major event, we got a strong turnout of competitors (at least for the
one-hour races) and volunteers and a day-long infusion of high spirit.
Special thanks as usual go to Carol and Justin Kuo and family, and to Meg and
WPI fixture Brian Savilonis.

Men's Two -Hour
1. Gary Morgan (39)              Clarkson, MI          25,033
 2. Dave McGovern (34)            Mobile, AL            21,302
 3. Dave L. Romansky (61)         Pennsuicke, NJ        21,047
 4. Philip McGaw (49)             Shirley, MA           19,043
 5. Andrew T Cable (34)           Shelton, CT           18,128
    Nick D Manuzzi (39)           Monroe, CT                DQ
    John  K Harms (38)            Fitchburg, MA             DQ
    Jack Starr (71)               Newark, DE               DNF

    A familiar story: Strong performances at the top, but not many
participants.  We haven't gotten a double-digit field for this race since

Women's One-Hour
1. Gretchen Eastler-Fishman (27) No. Reading, MA       12,313
 2. Cheryl Rellinger (33)         Davisburg, MI         11,938
 3. Donna M Chamberlain (42)      Dallas, PA            11,553
 4. Caitlin F Bonney (16)         New Sharon, ME        10,588
 5. Gloria Rawls (42)             Mountaintop, PA       10,443
 6. Sherry Brosnahan (47)         Bridgewater, NJ       10,270
 7. Lee Chase (45)                S Glastonbury, CT     10,145
 8. Ann T Percival (41)           New Britain, CT       9,839
 9. Jean G Tenan (36)             Bristol, CT            9,655
10. Holly Wenninger (35)          Manden, MA             9,290
11. Ginger M Armstrong (36)       Taftville, CT          9,166
12. Jeanne W. Shepardson (65)     Sherborn, MA           8,936
13. Annie Montgomery (52)         Concord, MA            8,869
14. Jeanne Bocci (56)             Grosse Point Park, MI  8,808
15. Patricia Godfrey (53)         Winthrop, MA           8,477
16. Sheila S. Danahey (48)        Mystic, CT             8,386
17. Elena Alessandro (52)         Melrose, MA            8,340
18. Rachel E. Beaudet (63)        E. Longmeadow, MA      8,190
19. Donna O Johnson (50)          Merrillville, IN       8,092
20. Joanne M Harriman (56)        Tewksbury, MA          8,080
21. Fran M O'Brien (64)           Longmeadow, MA         8,065
22. Marsha H Hartz (60)           Hanover, PA            7,799
23. Carol D. Kuo (52)             Brookline, MA          7,736
24. Catherine L Marsh (38)        Pawtucket, CT          7,436
25. Itzi Garcia (36)              Jamaica Plain, MA      7,246
26. Lorelei R. Ruben (67)         Rockport, MA           7,232
27. Kathy Gravelle (50)           Warwick, MA            7,109
28. Priscilla A. Frappier (49)    Waltham, MA            6,878
    Vovian S Hopkins (59)         Hamden, MA                DQ

      A repeat victory for Gretchen in an exceptionally deep field.

Men's One-Hour
1. Robert H. Keating (52)        Nashua, NH            11,848
 2. Dan Pendergast (17)           Caribou, ME           11,680
 3. Jim L. Carmines (56)          New Cumberland, PA    11,661
 4. Brian J. Savilonis (49)       Greene, RI            11,074
 5. David P Baldwin (56)          Harrington, ME        10,789
 6. John Chasse (16)              Readfield, ME         10,550
 7. Stanley C. Sosnowski (49)     West Kingston, RI     10,424
 8. Jack A Lach (55)              W Belmar, NJ          10,359
 9. John D. Costello (44)         Needham, MA           10,240
10. Ross Barranco (50)            Howell, MI            10,194
11. Robert N Ullman (50)          Merrimack, NH         10,131
12. Bob  E Barrett (65)           Smallwood, NY         10,125
13. Thomas Knatt (59)             Concord, MA           10,024
14. Randall S Stafford (41)       Jamaica Plain, MA      9,793
15. Charles F Mansbach (55)       Newton, MA             9,364
16. Nathaniel Bickford (17)       Oakland, ME            9,263
17. Mike Michel (69)              Lynn, SC               9,085
18. Dave L. Romansky (61)         Pennsuicke, NJ         8,999
19. Fred Anderson (47)            Plymouth, NH           8,988
20. Robert A Beaudet (66)         E. Longmeadow, MA      8,988
21. Mark Dennet (14)              Winslow, ME            8,949
22. Louis J. Free (69)            Uncasville, CT         8,855
23. Charles Mayers (53)           Dorchester, MA         8,458
24. Richard B Shepardson (67)     Sherborn, MA           7,843
25. Richard Huie (64)             Branford, CT           7,840
26. Stuart S Corning (74)         Wenham, MA             7,475
    Bill F. Hogan (70)            Rensselaer, NY            DQ
    Norman M Johnson (53)         Merrillville, IN          DQ
    Geoffrey H. Bye (69)          Guilford, CT              DQ
    Joe W. Light (52)             Westerly, RI             DNF

    Another deep field, with the first 13 guys exceeding 10K.  Romansky, who
completed the event despite having raced for two hours earlier in the day,
said after it was all over, "Those of you who finished ahead of me in the
one-hour, now you have war stories."  And we do.

    Judges: Ross Barranco, Tom Eastler, Sue Eastler, Diana Gladden, Tom
Knatt, Ken Mattsson,  Maryanne Torrellas.

       Harvest Run 5K -- Sherborn, MA, September 19.  An unjudged walk
combined with a running race on town roads -- and an afternoon of good
exercise, good food and good cheer.  Plaudits go to Sherborn residents Jeanne
and Dick Shepardson for getting the walking division included and for
inviting us all back to their house for lunch afterward.

 1   Brian Savilonis      49   Greene RI         25:23
 2   Joe Light              52   Westerly RI       25:45
3    Stanley Sosnowski      49  W Kingston RI     28:25
 4   John Costello          44   Needham MA        28:40
 5   Randall Stafford       41  Jamaica Plain  28:55
 6  Thomas Knatt          59  Concord MA        29:34
 7  Charles Mansbach    54  Newton MA         31:23
 8  Bob Baudet            66 E Longmeadow MA   31:31
 9  Karl Bancorskis       46  Dover MA          32:30
10 Justin Kuo            43  Brookline MA      32:37
11 Spencer Parrish      63Waterbury  CT      34:03
12 Bill McCann        70 Longmeadow MA     34:21
13 James McAvoy   51 Sherborn MA       35:01
14 Chuck Dorecki   69 Wilbraham MA      35:22
15 Richard Shepardson 67 Sherborn MA       36:08
16 Jim Brown    51  Dover MA          36:17
17 Bill O'Leary    75 Sharon MA         37:33
18 Dick Young   Sherborn MA       40:49
19 Frank Maraio 52  Sherborn MA       43:53
 20 Charlie Blaney         63   Sherborn MA       44:16

    And somewhere in the middle of the pack was John Gray, who wound up being
listed with the runners and receiving honors as the oldest competitor in the

1 Jeanne Shepardson      65Sherborn MA       32:53
2 Annie Montgomery     52 Concord MA        33:16
3 Meg Savilonis        49 Greene RI         34:05
4 Sheila Danahey        48 Mystic CT         36:04
5 Joanne Harriman        56 Tewksbury MA      36:18
6 Kelly Dumar            40 Sherborn MA       36:20
7 Carol Kuo           52   Brookline MA      36:41
8 Fran OBrien         64Longmeadow MA     37:38
9 Rachel Beaudet    63  E Longmeadow MA   37:40
10 Kari Frentzel       39 Sherborn MA       37:51
11 Deborah Shelby      46 Spencer MA        39:09
12 Sara Merrill        45  Sherborn MA       40:30
13 Florence Dagata      73 Pawtucket RI      40:38
14 Sheila Gelsthorpe   38 Sherborn MA       44:04
15 Jacquie Cottrell    34  Sherborn MA       44:04
16 Louise Hetherington   40   Reading MA        44:31
17 Barbara Kantorski     47 Sherborn MA       44:32
18 Holly Young          50 Sherborn MA       44:48
19 Kathy  Somerville      48 Sherborn MA       44:59
20 Marjie Lynch       50   Sherborn MA       44:59
21 Carol Brady         60 Framingham MA     46:04

   Danahy Park 5K -- September 12, Cambridge, MA. The sixth and final monthly
installment of the year for the popular series of low-key club races.
1. Rich McElvery (42)           Hollis, NH    28:11
2. John Costello (41)            Needham       28:18
3. Dick Yanopolous-Ruquist  (61)  Lexington     29:39
4. Justin Kuo (44)               Brookline     33:08
5. Jim Olsen (41)                Concord       33:16
6. John Harms (38)               Fitchburg     33:29
7. Bill O'Leary (75)             Sharon        39:14

1. Holly Wenninger (35)          Malden        31:33
2. Pat Godfrey (52)              Winthrop      36:23
3. Joanne Harriman (56)          Tewskbury     36:35
4. Carol Kuo (52)                Brookline     39:42
5. Jane Howell (57)              Winthrop      40:39
6. Hzi Garcia (36)               Jamaica Plain 42:03
   Judges: Bill Harriman, Ken Mattsson, and Justin Kuo.  (It's worth making
the trip to Danahy Park just to see how Justin manages to compete and judge
in the same event.)

Membership renewal time
    If the date atop your mailing label for this issue does not say "2000" or
later, your New England Walkers dues are due.  The payments support races,
clinics, mailings and other NEW activities throughout the region. At $6 a
year, it's still the best deal around.  Please send your check to Justin Kuo,
39 Oakland Road, Brookline, MA 02445.

Winter workouts
   Bill Harriman has organized a workout series tentatively scheduled for
every other Thursday at 7 p.m. At the Harvard indoor track adjacent to
Harvard Stadium in Cambridge, MA. Coaching is available from Bill, or walkers
may work out on their own.  Those with a Harvard ID can use the track for
free, and others can take part as Bill's guests for a $5 fee.  For further
information, contact Bill at 978-640-9676 (no calls after 9:30 p.m., please).
   Ken Mattsson is conducting racewalking sessions at the Cambridge High
School indoor track at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays in conjunction with the Cambridge
Sports Union. The cost is $1 a week with lockers available. For information,
call Ken at 617-576-9331.
2000 race calendar
   As always, our listing of racewalking events is not engraved in stone.
Some races are added during the season, others are changed or canceled. It's
always best to verify the time, date and location with the race director
before setting out.
      7, 9  - Dartmouth Relays, Hanover NH.  Must enter in advance for open
races - December 17 deadline, December 27 "late deadline" at a big penalty
fee.  Jan. 7 - Masters 1500 meters, 4:50 p.m. (but will likely move ahead).
Jan. 9 - Open 1 mile, 9 a.m. Contact Carl Wallin (603) 646 3821.
     23 - 3000 meters, Greater Boston TC Invitational, Harvard University,
Boston, 9 a.m. Jim O'Brien, (617) 282-5537.  February
    13 -  1 mile, Somerville Winter Indoor Meet, Somerville MA High School,
around 1:30 pm. Steve Vaitones, USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.
     18 - 3000 meters, USATF New England Championships,
Reggie Lewis Track, Boston,  6p.m.   Grand Prix event.c
    20 ? - Connecticut Post Mall 3K, Boston Post Road, Milford, CT.  A local
favorite and a race unique in the world. Gus Davis, 203-795-6441.
    21 - Presidents Day 3.7-miler, 2 p.m., D.W. Field Park, Brockton, MA.
Our 25th consecutive year for this event.  A group meal at the nearby
Bertucci's usually caps off the festivities.  Justin Kuo, 617-731-9889.
     27 - Mile or 1500, USATF Maine Championships, Bowdoin College,Brunswick
     12 -- New England Walkers 5K, Danahy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m.  Bill
Harriman, 978-640-9676 (call before 9:30 p.m.)
    19 - Mile or 1500, USATF Connecticut Championships, Yale University, New
Haven, CT.
  26 - 3000 meters - USATF National Masters Indoor Championships, Reggie
Lewis Track, Boston, 9 a.m. Grand Prix event. Steve Vaitones, USATF-NE
office, 617-566-7600.
       9 -- New England Walkers 5K, Danahy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See
March listing.)
         16 - National championship 30K (men) and 20K (women), Flushing, MI.
Mark O'Donnell, 5214 Ole Saybrook, Grand Blanc, MI 48439.  810-238-3349.
    23 ? - Clamdigger 5-miler, Town Beach, Westerly, RI.  Grand Prix event.
A traditional favorite for New England Walkers. Joe Light, 401-596-3173.
    7 - Sherwood Foundation 30K and 15K, Foster, RI.  A running race with a
racewalking division at both distances.  Trophies for first five male and
female walkers in each race.  Mostly paved roads, some gravel, several
challenging hills.  No word on judging.  Send SASE to The Sherwood
Foundation, P.O. Box 874, Providence, RI 02901.  Phone 401-943-1123.
      14 - New England Walkers 5K, Danahy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See
March listing.)
       21 - 15K National Championships, Elk Grove Village, IL. Diane
Graham-Henry, 442 W. Belden, Chicago, IL 60614.  630-953-2052.
    ? - Great Bear 5K. Pollard School, Needham, Ma.  An unjudged walk as part
of a daylong series of road races.
    4 ? - New England 20K, site to be determined. Grand Prix event.
      11 - New England Walkers 5K, Danahy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See
March listing.)
    4 - Dedham 5-miler, Dedham, MA.  An unjudged walking division as part of
the town's traditional holiday road race.
    9 - New England Walkers 5K, Danahy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March
    ? -Bay State Games 3K.  Part of the track and field portion of the
statewide athletics festival.
    ? - Eastern Regional Masters 5K, Springfield College, Springfield, MA.
Grand Prix event.
    12 - Sallie Mae 10K, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Jim Wolfe, 220 Lasley Ave.,
Wilks-Bare, PA 18706. 570-821-6504.
    13 - New England Walkers 5K, Danahy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March
    10 - New England Walkers 5K, Danahy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March
    17 - National Championship 40K, Fort Monmouth, NJ.  Elliot Denman,  28
North Locust Ave., West Long Branch, NJ 07764.  732-222-9080, 732-494-7644.
      1 -- National One- and Two-Hour Championships, Worcester Polytechnic
Institute, Worcester, MA. Grand Prix event. Justin Kuo, 617-731-9889.
    14 - National championship 5K, Kingsport, Tenn. Bobby Baker, 423-349-6406.
       ? -- Connecticut Race Walkers 10K. Grand Prix event.
 Racewalking down memory lane
    January 1, 1990 - Phil McGaw captures the Five On The First 5-mile
racewalk in 42:58 on a cold New Year's morning in Newton, MA.  Yours truly
finishes dead last among the walkers but does manage to beat some of the
    January 1, 1991 - The New Year's Day five-miler moves to Winchester, MA,
and Steve Vaitones takes the honors in 38:24.
    January 1, 1992 - Another Five On The First win for Steve, in 40:46.
    January 1, 1993 - Steve rings in one more New Year's win, in 40:23.  By
the next year, the tradition has been rung out.
Phone any time
   For up-to-the-minute information on race schedules, clinics and other
events, call the New England Walkers hotline at: 781-433-7142

Coming in the next issue: Tom Knatt
reports on the National Senior Games

Phone any time

For up-to-the-minute information on race schedules, clinics and other events, call the New England Walkers hotline at: 781-433-7142

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