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New England Walkers Newsletter
March 2000

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5K series resumes

We've listed it as the New England Walkers 5K. Ken Mattsson prefers to call it the USATF-New England Developmental 5K Racewalk series. Bill Harriman simply refers to it as the Danehy Park race. By any name, it's one of the most popular regular events on our calendar, and it resumes on Sunday, March 12.

These low-key 5-kilometer races, held at 9:30 a.m. on the second Sunday of every month from March through October in Danehy Park in Cambridge, MA, offer good competition and coaching. The races are judged but no one is disqualified; the judges instead offer encouragement and useful advice. We hope to see you there on March 12, as a walker or as a volunteer judge. For more information, contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.).


Our other major event of the month is the National Masters Indoor 3K Championship at 1 p.m. Sunday, March 26 at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. To avoid a late fee, you must submit your application by March 6. For further information, contact the New England Track and Field Office at 617-566-7600.

Race results

Kathy and Ken Hayden 3.7ish-miler -- D.W. Field Park, Brockton, MA, Feb. 21. A successful Year 25 of our Presidents' Day tradition. Again, we found the gates locked to vehicular traffic, which meant: a.) We had to park a healthy distance away, b.) Racers had to either climb over or go around two swing gates on the course, and c.) Free of danger, the emboldened resident ducks and geese spread themselves over the entire road as our course passed the water's edge, forcing us to navigate around them, too. But the weather was nice, the course was impeccably plowed after the snowstorm of two days before, and our usual strong turnout gave us a good start to the outdoor season.

1. Brian Savilonis (49) Greene RI 31:05
2. Stan Sosnowski (49) W. Kingston RI 31:27
3. Joe Light (52) Westerly RI 31:43
4. Bill Harriman (52) Tewskbury MA 33:32
5. Steve Vaitones (44) Waltham MA 33:49
6. Paul Schell (62) Malden MA 37:05
7. Charlie Mansbach (55) Newton MA 37:13
8. Justin Kuo (45) Brookline MA 39:15
9. Tom Knatt (59) Concord MA 40:07
10. Steve McAvoy (48) Everett MA 43:13
11. Jim Brown (51) Dover MA 43:39
12. Tom McDonough (75) Nahant MA 47:38
13. Luciano Spinoso (32) Boston MA 56:07
14. John Robinson (74) Lynn MA 52:57
1. Annie Montgomery (52) Concord MA 38:22
2. Mary Flanagan (40) Marshfield MA 38:40
3. Pamela Hoss Brookline MA 40:08
4. Sheila Danahey (48) Mystic CT 42:27
5. Suzanne Brown (49) Raynham MA 42:55
6. Michelle McDonough (34) Boston MA 56:07
7. Andrea Ganno (32) Boston MA 64:27

New England Indoor 3K Championship -- Reggie Lewis Center, Boston, Feb. 18. The aforementioned snowstorm kept down the field in this opening event of an evening-long track meet. But those who made it certainly put on a strong showing.

1 Daniel Pendergast Maine Race Walkers 14:46.71
2 Marcia Gutsche Cambridge Sports Union 14:47.02
3 David Baldwin Maine Race Walkers 15:18.52
4 Thomas Knatt New England Walkers 16:54.17
5 Ken Mattsson Cambridge Sports Union 17:10.45
6 Hziar Garaa Cambridge Sports Union 19:26.78
7 Tom Derderian Greater Boston TC 20:05.81

Connecticut Post Mall 3K -- Milford, CT, Feb. 13. The 10th annual installment of an event unique in the world.

1. Nick Manuzzi 14:27
2. Jim Carmines 14:36
3. Donna Chamberlain 14:37
4. Stan Sosnowski 15:23
5. Joe Light 15:40
6. Bill Vayo 15:59
7. Lee Chase 16:40
8. Ann Percival 17:07
9. Andy Cable 17:35
10. Jean Tehan 17:36
11. Gerry Patrick 18:03
12. Bob Beaudet 18:51
13. Peter Noble 18:57
14. Gus Davis 19:46
15. Lou Free 19:54
16. Bill McCann 19:56
17. Sheila Danahey 20:03
18. Spencer Parish 20:08
19. Chuck Dolecki 20:39
20. Richard Huie 20:39
21. Rachel Beaudet 20:57
22. Joel Montero 21:05
23. Barbara Frasca 21:50
24. Nilda Martinez 21:50
25. Len Scheer 22:06
26. Bill O'Leary 23:04
27. Florence Dagata 24:20
28. Denise Hambrick 24:55
29. Jonathan Montero 25:23
30. Christine Anderson 26:49
31. Angelik Ronbles 28:10
DNF Elise Engelhardt
DQ Fred Anderson

Disney half-marathon -- Orlando, Fla., Jan. 9. Stan Sosnowski reports: The following are the official gun times and don't reflect all the time it takes to get up to the start line. Fred and Kathy Anderson, who stayed together (sound familiar?), clocked a 3:16, Sheila Danahey, with four sickness stops, tufted out a 2:37 and I managed a 2:12 on my way back from last year's injury. Good racing conditions.

The National Senior Games
By Tom Knatt

Senior Games comprise a wide range of events, including racewalking, and are held annually in each state for athletes age 50 and over. Top finishers qualify for the national games. Following is Tom Knatt's report from last year's national event.

In reflecting on our experiences at the Orlando Senior Games, I was impressed by how many people came to have fun, and yet worked very hard to compete at their own level. Everyone's sportsmanship was very high.

The racewalks went off with much better organization than in Tucson AZ., and the judging was fair, if not a little lenient. There were many heats of the 5000 meters starting at 7 a.m. on Friday. Annie and I went finally at 11 a.m. We wished we didn't have to arrive at 6:30 a.m. to get our numbers and then wait so long. I won the gold when, after leading the whole race, my main opponent, Paul Hammer, sprinted ahead to win by about 60 meters but fell into disfavor with the judges. Never, with 200 meters to go, should you win by 60 meters! Annie garnered the bronze, which was a big thrill for her. Jean Shepardson was second in her event. The following day, I was leading with one lap to go in the 1500 meters when Winston Crandall and Paul Hammer sprinted by and relegated me to third. Annie was fourth and Jean was second in her heat. One suggestion I am going to make again is to hold the 1500 meter race before the 5000 meter race so people will not be tired from the longer race while doing the shorter one.

The parade of athletes was held in the Citrus Bowl stadium. A torch-passing ceremony on the football field culminated in the oldest competitor -- 101 years old -- carrying the torch to the dais in the middle of the field. Dignitaries included Jack Palance doing one-hand pushups. He is about 75.

Annie and I did some of the tourist attractions, including Epcot Center and the new Wild Animal Kingdom. Florida is a nice place to visit but we decided that we wouldn't want to live there. The next National Senior Games are in Baton Rouge LA in July 2001, but you must qualify in the state games in 2000. Massachusetts State Senior Games are in Springfield MA in June. Baton Rouge may be hot in July, but the hot times in New Orleans and in Cajun country, each only about 2 hours away, beckon. I believe that if you will be 50 years old by the end of 2000, you can compete in the state games even if at that time you are only 49. Then you would be eligible to go to Baton Rouge if you finish in the top three in your age group. Let's go, Brian S. and Bob K. and anyone else who is over 50!

Dates, locations and contacts for 2000 Senior Games:

  • Connecticut, June 2-4, Southington. Will Berger/Florence Millette, 860-621-4661
  • Massachusetts, June 9-11. Dick Osgood 413-788-2457.
  • Rhode Island, June 23-25, Providence. Mike Lyons, 401-431-5007.
  • New Hampshire, Aug. 18-20, Laconia. Robert Cloutier, 603-622-7921.

2000 race calendar

As always, our listing of racewalking events is not engraved in stone. Some races are added during the season, others are changed or canceled. It's always best to verify the time, date and location with the race director before setting out.


12 -- 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. Bill Harriman, 978-640-9676 (call before 9:30 p.m.)

19 - Mile or 1500, USATF Connecticut Championships, Yale University, New Haven, CT.

26 - 3000 meters - USATF National Masters Indoor Championships, Reggie Lewis Track, Boston, 1 p.m. Grand Prix event. Steve Vaitones, USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600. April

9 -- 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March listing.)

16 - National championship 30K (men) and 20K (women), Flushing, MI. Mark O'Donnell, 5214 Ole Saybrook, Grand Blanc, MI 48439. 810-238-3349.

30 - Clamdigger 5-miler, Town Beach, Westerly, RI. Grand Prix event. A traditional favorite for New England Walkers. Joe Light, 401-596-3173. Entry form enclosed.


7 - Sherwood Foundation 30K and 15K, Foster, RI. A running race with a racewalking division at both distances. Send SASE to The Sherwood Foundation, P.O. Box 874, Providence, RI 02901. Phone 401-943-1123.

14 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March listing.)

21 - 15K National Championships, Elk Grove Village, IL. Diane Graham-Henry, 442 W. Belden, Chicago, IL 60614. 630-953-2052.

21 - Great Bear 5K. Pollard School, Needham, MA, 3:20 p.m. An unjudged walk as part of a daylong series of road races. 781-444-8499. June

4 (tentative) - New England 20K. Grand Prix event. Plans are not yet firm, but we're looking to hold this race, along with a non-championship 5K, at Ninigret Park in Rhode Island. Stay tuned.

9-11 - Massachusetts Senior Games, 1500-meter and 5K racewalks. Springfield. 413-788-2457.

11 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March listing.)

17 - New England 3K outdoor championship, Northeastern University track, Dedham. Part of the regional track meet. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.


4 - Dedham 5-miler, Dedham, MA. An unjudged walking division as part of the town's traditional holiday road race.

9 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March listing.)

9 - USATF East Regional 5K Championships, Connecticut College. Entrants must make qualifying time at the June 17 New England meet. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.

22 -Bay State Games 3K, Worcester State College. Part of the track and field portion of the statewide athletics festival. 781-932-6555.

Mid- to late July - Eastern Regional Masters 5K, Springfield College, Springfield, MA. Grand Prix event


12 - Sallie Mae 10K, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Jim Wolfe, 220 Lasley Ave., Wilks-Bare, PA 18706. 570-821-6504.

13 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March listing.)


10 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March listing.)

17 - National Championship 40K, Fort Monmouth, NJ. Elliot Denman, 28 North Locust Ave., West Long Branch, NJ 07764. 732-222-9080, 732-494-7644.


1 -- National One- and Two-Hour Championships, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA. Grand Prix event. Justin Kuo, 617-731-9889.

8 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See March listing.)

14 - National championship 5K, Kingsport, Tenn. Bobby Baker, 423-349-6406.

? -- Connecticut Race Walkers 10K. Grand Prix event.

Phone any time

For up-to-the-minute information on race schedules, clinics and other events, call the New England Walkers hotline at: 781-433-7142

Team in Training report
By Michael Hoffer

I would like to wish old friends a very happy New Century and best of luck (and an injury-free year). I have now completed my fourth year as the walking coach for the Rhode Island Leukemia Society's Team In Training program. I have participated in 14 marathons around the world and made a significant commitment to the overall program.

We continued to make progress toward the eradication of this dreaded disease, and through the greater participation of our team members we now support two research doctors at Brown University. Our cure rate continues to improve; however, there is still a long way to go, as this is still the number one killer in children ages 1-14. To date, I have been able to raise more than $52,000 for this program, and I welcome any donations anyone wants to make.

In 1999 I participated in marathons in Maine, Alaska, Canada and on Cape Cod. In the two events I did for speed, I tied for first place in the Mayor's Sunrise Marathon in Anchorage and finished fifth in the Canadian International Marathon in Toronto (I was the first Team in Training finisher and first in my age group). It was another year in which we had 100 percent completion, and that record has now held for four years. Another honor I was proud of was being elected to Powerbar's 1999 Team Elite. Powerbar selected 1,300 athletes and 200 coaches from a variety of sports and offered them sponsorships.

As 2000 began, we left for Bermuda, and I plan to return to Alaska in June and do another marathon in Europe in the fall. My patient/partner Caitlin is entering her fifth year of remission, and I have rededicated my efforts on her behalf to get through this year. The world-class athletes -- and people -- we meet at these events are so inspirational that it gives us added incentive to use our racewalking talents to help improve the quality of life for less fortunate people.

I am still active in local and regional races and always look forward to seeing members of the New England Walkers. Again, I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and injury-free 2000, and if anyone wants more information, you can reach me at 685 Congdon Hill Road, Sauderstown, RI 02874, or e-mail me at Spring workouts

Ken Mattsson will continue to conduct racewalking sessions at the Cambridge, MA Rindge and Latin High School indoor track at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays through late March in conjunction with the Cambridge Sports Union.

The workouts will then move outdoors to the Harvard University track in Cambridge for Tuesday sessions starting at 6:15 p.m. For information, call Ken at 617-576-9331.

Racewalking down memory lane

February 1987 -- An old-fashioned Washington's Birthday race in Brockton. No bib numbers, no fancy clocks with paper readouts. Kathy Hayden hands each finisher a popsicle stick with a number on it, we then turn the sticks over to Fred Brown so he can tabulate the results, and somehow it all makes sense. Fred gives awards to all 24 of us, using up his ancient supply of AAU medals in the process. The times and finishes are lost to posterity, but the memory remains of a post-race Hayden party that lasted at least twice as long as did the race itself.

February 1995 -- In the closest high-speed duel in the history of the event, Joanne Dow finishes the Brockton race in 28:59, Steve Vaitones in 29:00.

"THE CLAMDIGGER" 5-mile Road Race

Sunday, April 30, 2000 10:30 a.m. for Race Walk
11 a.m. for Run & Fitness Walk
Entry Fee: $10 Pre-Registered
  $12 Post Registration
FROM CT: I-95 to Exit 92. Take right at end of ramp (Rt 2). Follow to junction with Rt 78. Take Rt 78 to end, straight through light (Intersect Rt 1). ***Continue straight for about 1.5 miles and make left at stop sign. Go straight through first intersection and left on Atlantic Ave. Go about 1 mile, look for signs.
FROM RI: I-95 to Exit 1 (Rt 3). Take right at end of ramp and follow signs to Rt 78 (about 5 miles). Take left onto Rt 78 and follow to end. See above *** for the rest of directions.
In consideration of accepting my entry, I, the undersigned, intending to be legally bound, hereby waive and release any and all rights and claims for losses and damages that I may have against the Town of Westerly, the WT&AC, Inc. and its members: The Committee, representatives and any volunteer personnel for any injury that I may receive from my participation in the WT&AC Clamdigger 5 Mile Race/Walk on April 30, 2000. Any participant under the age of 18 years must have parent's written permission to compete. I hereby assume any risk arising out of my participation in this event sponsored by the WT&AC, Inc. This waiver of liability and assumption of risk is based upon RI Statute 7-6-9 entitled Exemption from Liability.
Mail check (payable to WT&AC) and entry to: Clamdigger, WT&AC, PO Box 211, Westerly, RI 02891
Category: 5 Mile Run:          _______
          3 Mile Fitness Walk: _______
          5 Mile Racewalk:     _______

USATF#: _________ (Grand Prix Participants)

5 Mile Clydesdale Run (Male>190lb; Female>140lb): _______

Name: __________________________________ Sex: M F Age(4/30/00):___________

Address: _____________________________Phone # ____________________________


Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ___________________
Parent if under 18 years of age

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