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New England Walkers Newsletter
May 2000

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Next stop, Ninigret

Mark your calendar for a big race day Sunday, June 4.

USA Track & Field-New England, the New England Walkers and the Cambridge Sports Union are presenting the 20- kilometer New England racewalk championship -- a Grand Prix event -- plus a non-championship 5-kilometer race, that day at Ninigret Park in Charlestown, RI.

The 5K race will begin at 9 a.m., followed by the 20K at 9:45. The separate starts will enable people to help count laps and hand out water for the race in which they're not competing.

The area is scenic and the course is pleasant and flat. The loop is 1,375 meters, which means we will race 14.75 laps to cover the 20 kilometers. Our finest mathematicians will be on hand to help you determine your target pace per lap.

A race form is on the back page of this newsletter. For further information, contact Joe Light at 401-596-3173 or Ken Mattsson at 617-576-9331.

Entry forms are also available at

Volunteers needed

We are looking for 25-30 New England Walker volunteers to assist at the Chase Corporate Challenge road race at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 7, in downtown Boston. Volunteers help earn money for the club and will have their membership extended through 2001. To volunteer, or to receive additional information, call Justin Kuo at 617-731-9889.

Race results

Sherwood Foundation 30K and 15K -- May 7, Foster, RI. Two running races with unjudged racewalking divisions. The courses were steeply hilly, the 30K breathtakingly so, some of the roads were unpaved, and if those weren't obstacles enough, we had to do all this rocky climbing in 88-degree sunshine. A good training walk, we told ourselves. The race course was also conveniently located only a few miles from Meg and Brian Savilonis' farm in Greene, which made for a most pleasant post-race retreat.

30K men
1. Joe Light 52 Westerly RI 3:19:31
2. Michael Hoffer 61 Saunderstown RI 4:01:57
30K women
1. Cheryl Henshall 44 Warwick RI 4:31:04
1. Kathy Gravelle 50 Warwick RI 4:31:04
15K men
1. Brian Savilonis 49 Greene RI 1:22:09
2. Stan Sosnowski 49 W. Kingston RI 1:32:59
3. Bill Harriman 53 Tewksbury MA 1:37:50
4. Mansbach 55 Newton MA 1:40:43
15K women
1. Mary Flanagan 40 Marshfield MA 1:52:38
2. Sheila Danahey 49 Mystic CT 1:53:59
3. Joanne Harriman 57 Tewksbury MA 2:04:23
4. Linda Simmons 38 Fairhaven MA 2:15:25
5. Patti Quarto 43 Smithfield RI 2:21:47

Clamdigger 5-miler -- April 30, Westerly, RI. Good turnout, nice weather, well-organized event as always thanks to Joe Light and his Westerly Track Club friends. This was our first Grand Prix outdoor event of the season. Nice to see Bob Keating and Brian Savilonis continue their high-speed duels into yet another decade.

Women Men
Maryanne Torrellas 44:48 Bob Keating 39:43
Lee Chase 44:48 Brian Savilonis 40:18
Jean Tenan 47:36 Nick Manuzzi 41:21
Ann Percival 48:26 Bob Ullman 46:04
Mary Flanagan 52:47 Andy Cable 46:45
Joanne Harriman 55:30 Bill Harriman 46:54
Sheila Danahey 56:12 Ken Mattsson 47:10
Rachel Beaudet 57:18 Charlie Mansbach 50:25
Itziar Garcia 58:01 Bob Beaudet 54:23
Cathy Orr 59:51 Bill McCann 53:53
Dawn Lyn Stix 65:40 Louis Free 54:18
Florence Dagata 66:45 Chuck Dolecki 58:06
Richard Huie 59:10
William O'Leary 62:13

Judges: Justin Kuo (chief), Bill Banks, Larry Titus, Pam Titus.

Boston Marathon -- Hopkinton to Boston, April 17. Unofficial and unjudged, but they did go the daunting 26.2-mile distance along with the 17,000 runners.

Bob Keating Nashua NH 53 M 4:51:03
Stephen Attaya New Orleans LA 51 M 4:57:10
Bob Aucoin Seabrook NH 58 M 5:01:57
Scott Nance Waggaman LA 37 M 5:23:29
Fred Anderson Plymouth NH 48 M 5:40:21
Emily Hewitt Washington DC 55 F 5:42:52
Dennis Buckley Marlborough MA 52 M DNF

Danehy Park 5K developmental racewalks -- Plenty of spirit, and, alas, plenty of rain, for the start of Year Two of this popular event.

The April 9 results:

1. Tom Knatt Concord MA 31:25
2. Justin Kuo Brookline MA 33:54
3. Richard Ruquist Concord MA 33:56
1. Joanne Harriman Tewksbury MA 36:31
2. Sue Cooney Providence RI 37:31

Judges: Bill Harriman, Ken Mattsson, Charlie Mansbach

And the March 12 results:

1. Rich McElvery Hollis NH 27:02
2. Bob Ullman Manchester NH 29:27
3. Bill Harriman Tewskbury MA 29:39
4. Richard Ruquist West Concord MA 33:51
5. Justin Kuo Brookline MA 35:01
Ken Mattsson Cambridge MA DNF
1. Joann Harriman Tewskbury MA 36:39
2. Florence Dagata Providence RI 46:13

Judges: Charlie Mansbach, Yuri Kuo, Tolya Kuo.

National Masters Indoor Championships -- March 26, Reggie Lewis Center, Boston. The walkers took to the track for the 3K on Day 3 of this three-day track and field extravaganza. Turnout was strong, and meet director Steve Vaitones and his army of assistants made everything run smoothly.

----------- Women 35 ------------
1 Marcia Gutsche W38 Newton, MA 14:33.27
2 Jean Tenan W36 Bristol, CT 17:09.98
3 Susan Mora Fassett W36 Fenton, MI 18:21.07
----------- Women 40 ------------
1 Victoria Herazo W40 Las Vegas, NV 13:58.06
2 Maryanne Torrellas W41 Clinton, CT 14:18.08
3 Donna Chamberlain W43 Dallas, PA 14:50.36
4 Ann Percival W41 New Britain, CT 16:39.65
5 Jeanette Wineland W41 Swartz Creek, MI 17:59.39
6 Lynette Heinlein W43 Uassar, MI 19:54.20
----------- Women 45 ------------
1 Sally Richards W47 Evergreen, CO 14:43.70
2 Janet Comi W46 Erie, PA 15:41.78
3 Lee Chase W46 Glastonbury, CT 15:51.52
4 Debbie Topham W47 Mayville, MI 17:00.21
----------- Women 50 ------------
1 Tish Roberts W50 Fishers, IN 16:17.84
2 Ellen Schock W50 North Street, MI 18:52.38
3 Dawn-Lyn Stix W50 East Haddam, CT 24:20.53
----------- Women 55 ------------
1 Janet Higbie W58 Indianapolis, IN 17:53.01
2 Ruby Tolbert W58 Wilken Berri Park, PA 19:51.09
3 Joanne Harriman W57 Tewksbury, MA 20:42.98
----------- Women 60 ------------
1 Rita Sinkovec W60 Evergreen, CO 18:34.85
2 Rachel Beaudet W64 East Longmeadow, MA 21:23.59
3 Anne Whitaker W62 Portland, OR 22:15.18
- *Sara Urrutia W62 San Juan, PR DQ
----------- Women 65 ------------
1 Jeanne Shepardson W66 Sherborn, MA 20:24.57
- Mary-Alice Stookey W67 Dickerson, MD DQ
------------ Men 35 -------------
1 Stephen McCULLOUGH M38 Rocky Hill, CT 17:55.47
------------ Men 40 -------------
1 Rod Craig M41 Bad Axe, MI 14:59.41
2 Richard McELVERY M42 Hollis, NH 15:13.61
------------ Men 45 -------------
1 Stanley Sosnowski M49 West Kingston, RI 14:56.71
- Brian Savilonis M49 Greene, RI DQ
------------ Men 50 -------------
1 Bob Keating M53 Nashua, NH 14:09.69
2 Norman Frable M54 McKINNEY, TX 14:54.88
3 Robert Ullman M51 Merrimack, NH 16:16.32
4 Bill Harriman M52 Tewksbury, MA 16:35.31
5 Ross Barranco M50 Howell, MI 16:49.82
6 Danny Wineland M52 Suartz Creek, MI 19:17.20
------------ Men 55 -------------
1 Rich Friedlander M55 Chesterfield, MO 13:46.12
2 James Carmines M56 Fetters, PA 14:13.87
3 David Baldwin M57 Harrington, ME 15:39.83
4 Thomas Knatt M59 Concoard, MA 16:44.43
5 Charles Mansbach M55 Newton, MA 18:18.12
- William Gardne M55 Feton, MI DQ
------------ Men 60 -------------
1 John Elwarner M60 Sterling Hgts, MI 15:53.25
2 Gustaue Davis M62 Orange, CT 19:26.20
3 Spencer Parrish M63 Waterbury, CT 19:43.51
4 Robert Premo M64 Arlington, VA 22:23.60
------------ Men 65 -------------
1 Bob Barrett M66 Smallwood, NY 16:22.12
2 Alfred DuBois M68 West Allis, WI 16:31.74
3 Robert Beaudet M67 E Longmeadow, MA 20:11.15
4 Louis Free M69 Uncasville, CT 20:17.73
5 Charles Dolecki M69 Wilbraham, MA 20:40.59
6 Frank Sullivan M66 Lake Hopatcong, NJ 20:41.51
------------ Men 70 -------------
1 Jack Starr M72 Newark, NJ 17:46.31
2 Louis Candido M71 Springfield, MA 20:19.31
3 Dick Donley M73 Tulsa, OK 22:34.78
- Vance Genzlinger M70 Bloomfield Hills, MI DQ
------------ Men 75 -------------
1 John Nervetti M75 Oak Ridge, NJ 20:00.69
2 Stuart Corning M75 Wenham, MA 23:39.72
- Len Scheer M75 Nyc, NY DQ
------------ Men 80 -------------
1 Paul Geyer M80 Rochert, MN 23:18.70
2 Troy Grove M80 Lafayette, CA 27:28.43

Officials: Ross Barranco, Harry Brooks, Tom Eastler, Val Foss, Priscilla Frappier, Diana Gladden, Tom Knatt, Ken Mattsson, Maryanne Torrellas, Steve Vaitones and Justin Kuo

Coach's corner

He's not an official coach, Bill Harriman is quick to note, but he thought the following recitation of pointers that he offered to a new racewalker at Danehy Park last month might be of value to a wider audience.

  • Stride length -- keep it very short, especially in front - should feel almost like stiff-kneed jogging
  • Feet - land on the heel with the toe up - push off from the toe in back
  • Knees - must be absolutely straight when heel hits the ground
  • Quads - must stay relaxed - not tensed up to straighten the knee
  • Hips - the key to everything - lots of front-to-back rotation - hip bone should go as far forward and back as possible with every stride
  • Abdominals - slightly flexed in a pelvic tilt to stabilize the hips and lower back
  • Shoulders - relaxed and down - not hunched up
  • Arms - driving front to back - kept close to the body - no "chicken winging"
  • Elbows - kept at about a 90-100 degree angle - pulled way behind you on the backswing
  • Hands - arc from a point about a foot in front of the belly to just behind the hip bone - must go front to back and not side to side
  • Head - upright and relaxed - no craning forward
  • Feet -- must be on a line directly in front of the body - with a short stride should feel almost like stepping on your own feet -
  • Good hip rotation is the key......and posture - stand up straight and tall - no leaning or bending forward

Whew, lotta stuff! Try to think of it all at once and probably fall down. Better to work on one or two things at a time. Keep on truckin'!

2000 race calendar

As always, our listing of racewalking events is not engraved in stone. Some races are added during the season, others are changed or canceled. It's always best to verify the time, date and location with the race director before setting out.


21 - Great Bear 5K. Pollard School, Needham, MA, 3:20 p.m. An unjudged walk as part of a daylong series of road races. 781-444-8499.


4 - New England 20K, 9:30 a.m. Ninigret Park, Charlestown, RI. Entry form enclosed.

9-10 - Massachusetts Senior Games, 1500-meter racewalk (Springfield College track at 4 P.M. Friday) and 5K racewalk (Forrest Park, Springfield at 9 A.M. on, Saturday) for ages 50 and above. Springfield. 413-788-2457.

11 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.).

17 - New England 3K outdoor championship, Northeastern University track, Dedham. Part of the regional track meet. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.


4 - Dedham 5-miler, Dedham, MA. An unjudged walking division as part of the town's holiday road race.

9 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See June listing.)

9 - USATF East Regional 5K Championships, Connecticut College. Entrants must make qualifying time at the June 17 New England meet. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.

22 -Bay State Games 3K, Worcester State College. Part of the track and field portion of the statewide athletics festival. 781-932-6555.

Mid- to late July - Eastern Regional Masters 5K, Springfield College, Springfield, MA. Grand Prix event


12 - Sallie Mae 10K, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Jim Wolfe, 220 Lasley Ave., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706. 570-821-6504.

13 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See June)


10 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See June)

17 - National Championship 40K, Fort Monmouth, NJ. Elliott Denman, 28 North Locust Ave., West Long Branch, NJ 07764. 732-222-9080, 732-494-7644.


1 -- National One- and Two-Hour Championships, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA. Grand Prix event. Justin Kuo, 617-731-9889.

8 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See June listing.)

14 - National championship 5K, Kingsport, Tenn. Bobby Baker, 423-349-6406.

? -- Connecticut Race Walkers 10K. Grand Prix event.

Weekly workouts

Ken Mattsson is conducting racewalking sessions at 6:15 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Harvard University track in Cambridge, MA in conjunction with the Cambridge Sports Union.

For information, call Ken at 617-576-9331.


Josef DellaGrotte is offering an integrative walking workshop from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 20, at the Bodymind Integration Center, 118 Main St., Watertown MA. Cost is $90. He will also conduct aerobic walking sessions on Tuesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. in June. For information, call 1-800-873-2398.

Racewalking down memory lane

June 1987 -- Phil McGaw captures the New England 40K in 4:07:10 as eight of us make our way around the Newton North High School track 100 times in the hot sunshine. Two other starters drop out early, and one of the finishers is so drained by the experience that he is never seen at a racewalk again.

A few runners share the track with us for a 50-mile run held in conjunction with our event. As I begin my 22d mile, one of them offers me a swig from his bottle of Jolt cola. I have visions of expiring right on the spot and politely decline.

May 1994 -- The Great Bear 5K in Needham, MA draws 49 walkers, with competitors coming from as far away as New York, Pennsylvania and Colorado. The winners' circle becomes a family scene, as Kevin Eastler finishes first in 24:06 and sister Gretchen leads all women with 25:58.

USATF-NE 20K Racewalk Championship and 5K
June 4, 2000
Ninigret Park, Charlestown, RI

Name:_______________________________________________________ Age:_________



Sex:  M    F

Telephone:_______________________ Fax:__________________ E-mail:__________

Race registering for (Circle One):     20K      5K
Amount Enclosed: 20K-$10 Pre 5/31/2000     $12 Post;     5K - $8

Disclaimer: I am participating in the above walking event on my own accord, am in reasonably healthy physical shape, and am responsible for my own actions and safety. I will hold harmless the organizers of this event, New England Walkers, Cambridge Sports Union, USA Track & Field, the Town of Charlestown, any volunteers, municipalities, companies, fellow participants, and any other parties related to putting on the above mentioned event, from any charges that may arise from incidents that occur during this event.

Signature__________________________________________ Date:________________

Send form and check payable to USATF-NE to Ken Mattsson, 164 Cushing St., Cambridge, MA 02138-4582

Directions: From the North (Boston, Providence): I-95 south through Providence. About 10 miles south of Providence take left lane Exit 9 onto RI Route 4 South toward Narragansett and Newport. This will eventually merge with US Route 1. Follow US Route 1 approximately 30 miles to Charlestown. Watch for Ninigret Park signs. You will need to make a U-turn to get to Ninigret Park. Race course is just beyond tennis courts near entrance.

From the West (New London, New Haven): Take I-95 north to Exit 92 onto Connecticut Route 2 South. Go about 2 miles and take RI Route 78 East toward Westerly beaches. After passing 3 exits, make left at your first traffic light onto US Route 1 East. Follow US Route 1 about 8 miles to Ninigret Park.

The New England Walkers

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For membership information, contact Justin Kuo at 617-731-9889

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