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New England Walkers Newsletter
March 2001

No more snow

The beastly weather is about to fade into memory, and as the glorious spring days roll in, so do our outdoor racewalking events.

Year 3 of the popular series of developmental 5-kilometer races will begin in Danehy Park in Cambridge, MA., on Sunday, April 8. The monthly races are judged but no one is disqualified; the judges offer encouragement and useful advice. Further details are in our race calendar.

Another popular event, the Clamdigger 5-mile road race, will be held Sunday, April 22 in Westerly, RI. An entry form is on the back page of this newsletter. Further ahead is our New England Walkers 20K. We've ruled out dates in late May because of conflicts and are now considering June 10. Final details will be announced in the next newsletter, on the New England Walkers hotline and via the New England Walkers e-mail list.

Before we head outdoors for these races, one more indoor event remains: The National Masters 3K, part of the three-day championship track meet, at the Reggie Lewis Center on Sunday, March 25.

Those who have yet to sign up should contact the New England Track and field office at 617-566-7600 or obtain an application on-line at

Volunteers are needed to count laps, tabulate results and otherwise coordinate activities. If you can lend a hand, please contact Justin Kuo at 617-731-9889, or

Volunteers for all other events in the track meet should contact TRACS at 617-965-6811. Additional info is available at the TRACS web site.

Citizens Kuo

Congratulations to Genya, Yuri, Tolya, Anna and Masha Kuo, who became US citizens under a new federal law on Feb. 27. The five Kuos, who arrived in the United States in 1994 -- and became fixtures at our racewalking events almost immediately -- were among thousands of overseas adopted children benefiting from the Child Citizenship Act of 2000. Congratulations also, of course, to beaming parents Carol and Justin Kuo.

Race results

26th annual Kathy and Ken Hayden 3.7ish-miler -- Feb. 19, D.W. Field Park, Brockton, MA. You can't have a Presidents' Day without this race, and people went to great lengths to be on hand. Two walkers came roaring into the park from Northern New England just before the starting horn sounded, and a third arrived afterward and jumped into the race late. In another bow to tradition, the finish line was moved back to its original location after two years of a slightly abbreviated course. (Misunderstanding which was the actual line, I came to a dead stop a few strides short before being urged to continue. The final 10 feet thus took me five seconds, a pace I hope never to maintain for a whole race.)

1. Joe Light Westerly, RI 30:57
2. Steve Vaitones Waltham, MA 34:35
3. Bob Ullman Merrimack NH 35:54
4. Ken Mattsson Cambridge, MA 36:04
5. Charlie Mansbach Newton, MA 37:21
6. Tom Knatt Concord, MA 38:39
7. Paul Schell Malden, MA 39:51
8. Justin Kuo Brookline, MA 40:31
9. Tolya Kuo Brookline, MA 42:33
10. Steve McAvoy Everett, MA 44:22
11. John Gray Wakefield, MA 46:15
12. Tom McDonough Nahant, MA 48:10
13. Luciano Spinoso Boston 51:16
1. Pamela Hoss Brookline, MA 40:31
2. Masha Kuo Brookline MA 42:33
3. Carol Kuo Brookline, MA 45:00
4. Michelle McDonough Boston 50:26
5. Florence Dagata Pawtucket, R.I. 50:39

New England Indoor 3K Championship -- Boston, Feb. 18. Men's champion Bill Harriman gives us the inside report:

"First time in the lovely BU Armory. Track must have been built in the early 1900's. Boards, only 4 lanes wide, long straightaways into tight, very steeply banked turns. The sensation was one of being pushed down hard to the left throughout the turn, with the right foot landing well higher than the left. Very difficult to straighten the right knee. Only 4 walkers on the line, two college women, Joanne, and me. Both youngsters took off quickly at the gun. I went through the first lap in 1:01 and the first kilometer in 5:24. Felt the intensity of that pace this early in the season but good strength thanks to recent weight training. Spectators, almost all high school and college track kids, paying no attention whatsoever to the walk. I passed one of the kids and got 50 meters behind the other but couldn't gain further ground. Through the 2k in 11:04 and digging in just to maintain. Finished strong in 16:39 and felt fine after. Joanne with a very strong solo effort for a fine 19:38, a new PR by over 20 seconds!"

Mall Odyssey 3K - Feb. 19, Milford, CT. A big turnout for this 11th installment of a race unique in the world.

Race director Gus Davis reports: "Fabulous race. Dave Romansky and Bob Barrett racing, seconds apart, but missing Jack Boitano's 60+ 8-year-old record by 5 seconds. Dave claims he would have demolished it had he known the time! More exciting are the numbers of juniors racing, mentored by Dave Romansky (Shore AC), Dave and Mary Helen Baldwin (Maine RW) and Peter Noble (Pequenos Ligas Hispanas de Hew Haven!). All of our records are World Mall Race Walk Best times - any challengers? How about no conflict next year; we are committed to President's Day weekend due to Mall scheduling. After all, eleven years does provide some precedent."

1. Lee Chase (1W40) 15:34.09
2. Joe Light (1M50) 15:34.33
3. David Baldwin (2M50) 16:02.39
4. Dave Romansky (1M60) 16:25.35
5. Bob Barrett (2M60) 16:28.30
6. Stan Sosnowski (3M50) 16:35.04
7. Sherry Brosnahan (2W40) 16:35.88
8. Jean Tenan (1W20-39) 16:36.79
9. Andy Cable (1M20-39) 16:55.22
10. Dana Vered (1W<14) 17:04.54
11. Ann Favolise (14W-19) 17:20.3
12. Larry Titus (5M50) 17:23.22
13. Allison Snochowski (2W<14) 17:31.31
14. Peter Noble (2M20-39) 17:49.7
15. Ginger Armstrong (2W20-39) 17:50.6
16. Bob Beaudet (3M60) 18:09.51
17. Gerry Patrick (4M60) 19:15.34
18. Donna Cerula (1W50) 19:23.78
19. Dean Kavanaugh (5M60) 19:35.30
20. Bill McCann (1M70) 20:13.11
21. Joel Montero (1M<14) 20:25.41
22. Richard Huie (6M60) 20:38.05
23. Sheila Sosnowski (3W40) 20:39.46
24. Suzan Maxey (4W40) 20:41.99
25. Elliott Denman (7M60) 22:37.97 (DQ)
26. Rachel Beaudet (1W60) 23:09.58
27. Rene Robles (2M<14) 23:53.45 (DQ)
28. Jonathan Montero (3M<14) 23:53.87
29. Denise Hambrick (5W40) 24:21.88
30. Eunice Kavanagh (1W70) 24:49.37
31. Florence Dagata (2W70) 25:03.81
32. Angelik Robles (3W<14) 27:04.9

Disney Marathon and Half Marathon - Jan. 7, Orlando, FL. "Race began at 6 a.m. with 31-degree temps. Pretty cold for Orlando," reports Fred Anderson.. "This race is a lot of fun anyone interested should check out the disney deads site at"

Half Marathon
1. David Lawrence Buffalo, NY 1 2:04:48
2. Janet Comi Erie PA 2:08:41
5. Stan Sosnowski 2:20:33
12. Fred Anderson 2:32.48
!3. Sheila Sosnowski 2:35.45
52. Ann Armel Campton NH 3:08:41
65. Kathy Anderson Campton NH 3:14:46
1. Dave McGovern Mobile, AL 3:40:12 (course record)
4. Julie Anselme Boise ID 4:54:34
31. Kimberly Flowers Portland, ME 6:16:48
51. Lorie Groleau Laconia NH 6:47:58
72. Patricia Piquette Framingham MA 7:00:24

The straight-leg rule and the older walker

Wayne Nicoll, longtime track and field competitor and official, offers these thoughts after reading the results of the 2000 National One- and Two-Hour Championships in our last issue.

I was particularly struck by the number and ages of the DQ'd athletes in the men's One Hour. Several years ago I was playing basketball with one of my granddaughters when I tried to reverse direction too quickly and tore a tendon in my left leg up close to the hip bone. I heard it snap and was in nearly unbearable pain for several days.

It took me about four months before I was able to exercise vigorously again. When I felt ready I entered the Indoor Nationals in Boston and competed in both the 3K run and 3K walk. I was apparently DQ'd in the walk, although no official ever told me and Masters National News reported me as a legal finisher. I did not know it at the time but I was having difficulty straightening the left leg as it met the ground. It was like I had a neural disconnect from my brain to my left foot.

You may recall that some time before this happened to me the racewalk rules were changed, adding the requirement that the leading leg must be straight upon contact with the ground. This rule, I now realize, sounded the death knell for older competitors like Elliott Denman and me. New judges who did not have the foggiest how to judge lifting were now able to easily DQ older walkers without hesitation, particularly men and women over 60 years of age.

I fail to understand why more older walkers have not put some heat on the Masters Track & Field Committee to examine this injustice. As walkers age, it becomes more difficult to plant the leading leg straight. They do not have a problem with lifting because they are moving slower. We recognize that all masters athletes experience similar problems, whether it be throwing a discuss, running the steeplechase, or leaping in the long jump. If we can lighten a discus or shorten a steeplechase event, why can't we have a more sane policy regarding the rules of Masters racewalking?

I entered a few more racewalks but was DQ'd each time. Until this rash of DQ's I had competed for 40 years and never been DQ'd. So I have just walked away from the sport. In doing so, I have given up my credentials as a USATF racewalk judge, referee, timer, and other managerial skills important to the sport. I have no regrets -- it was a great sporting adventure. I am still active, certifying and measuring race courses, competing in snowshoe races, and hiking Ragged Mountain.

Less talk, more walk,
Wayne Nicoll

Indoor workouts

Ken Mattsson is conducting racewalking sessions at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School track in Cambridge, MA in conjunction with the Cambridge Sports Union.

For information, call Ken at 617-576-9331.

2001 race calendar

As always, our listing of racewalking events is not engraved in stone. Some races are added during the season, others are changed or canceled. It's always best to verify the time, date and location with the race director before setting out.


18 - Brookline Reservoir walk. 617-731-9889

25 - USATF National Masters 3K, 1 p.m., Reggie Lewis Track, Boston. Grand Prix event. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.

31 - Run/Walk for Humanity 5K, LaSalette Shrine, Attleboro, 8:25 a.m. Racewalk starts 35 minutes before running race. $50 prize to top male and female walkers.


8- 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.).

22 - Clamdigger five-miler, Town Beach, Westerly, RI. Grand Prix event.. A traditional favorite for New England Walkers. Joe Light, 401-596-3173. Click here for an entry form and directions.


6 - Sherwood Foundation 15K and 30K, Foster, RI. Unjudged racewalks held in conjunction with running races. Hilly course for the shorter race, downright mountainous for the really long one, but a fun event. 401-943-1123.

13 -5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing.)

20 - Great Bear 5K. Pollard School, Needham, MA, 3:20 p.m. An unjudged walk as part of a daylong series of road races. 781-444-8499.

27 - Brookline Reservoir walk. 617-731-9889


10? - New England 20K, perhaps at Ninigret Park, Charleston, RI.

15-16 - Massachusetts Senior Games, 1500-meter and 5K racewalks for ages 50 and above. Springfield. 413-788-2457.

10 -5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing.)

24 - Brookline Reservoir walk. 617-731-9889.


4 - Dedham 5-miler, Dedham, MA. An unjudged walking division as part of the town's holiday road race.

10 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing.)

22 - Brookline Reservoir walk. 617-731-9889. Late in month -Bay State Games 3K, Worcester State College. Part of the track and field portion of the statewide athletics festival. 781-932-6555.


12 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing)

26 - Brookline Reservoir walk. 617-731-9889.

26 - Sherwood Foundation 10K. Unjudged walk in conjunction with running race. 401-943-1123.


9 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing)

23 - Brookline Reservoir walk. 617-731-9889.


7 -- National One- and Two-Hour Championships, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA. Grand Prix event. Justin Kuo, 617-731-9889.

26 - Sherwood Foundation 5K, Providence, RI. 401-943-1123

Racewalking down memory lane

February 1991 -- Phil McGaw captures a 4.3-miler in Needham, MA in 35:28, with Dick Ruquist second in 36:48. With the rest of the walkers and runners in the combined event bundled in multiple layers against the 15-degree temperature, George Lattarulo takes to the starting line in shorts. "I've got the sun," he explains, pointing to an extremely pale sky.

March 1997 - The National Masters Indoor Track and Field Championsips are held in Boston for the first time, and more than 50 walkers compete. Entrants represent nearly two dozen states and come from as far away as the West Coast. Bob Keating turns in the best performance among the locals with 13:49, a close second in the 50-54 grouping.

Phone any time

For up-to-the-minute information on race schedules, clinics and other events, call the New England Walkers hotline at: 781-433-7142

If the date atop your mailing label for this issue does not say "2001" or later, your New England Walkers dues are due. The payments support races, clinics, mailings and other NEW activities throughout the region. At $6 a year, it's still the best deal around. Please send your check to Justin Kuo, 39 Oakland Road, Brookline, MA 02445.

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