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New England Walkers Newsletter
January 2002

Best foot forward

May the year 2002 bring us all peace, contentment, and good health. And if we can't assure any of that, at least we can furnish plenty of opportunities for racewalking.

Our schedule for 2002 includes Year Four of the popular 5-kilometer races in Danehy Park in Cambridge, MA., held the second Sunday of the month from April through October. The races are judged but no one is disqualified; the judges offer encouragement and useful advice.

Also in store is our annual Grand Prix competition. Participants are ranked by their times in their best four designated events, as measured against age-graded tables. We have expanded the number of races and opened the eligibility to all walkers who live in New England. The list of races is as follows:

Jan. 13 Brown University 1 mile
Jan. 20 Harvard University 3k
March 24 Reggie Lewis Center 3k
April 21 Westerly, RI Clamdigger 8k
May or June Ninigret Park, RI 15k
July Bay State Games 3k
July Springfield MA 5k
Aug. 8-11 Orono Maine 5k and 20k
date undetermined Cambridge MA one hour
Oct 6 Worcester or Cambridge MA National 5k
October Conn. 10k

You may also use one non-New England national championship race as a Grand Prix scoring race. New year's resolutions

What are our racewalking goals and hopes for the year? As always, the query brings a variety of sentiments from club members and friends.


Tom Knatt
My Achilles tendons were sore for several days after that mile running race [following the one-mile racewalk at the MIT track meet in December]. Now, I am nursing a sore calf from a leap in table tennis. Iguess remaining healthy seems like a priority. I also want to finish 4 races in the Grand Prix and hold a race in France for anybody who will show up!


Bill Harriman
My goals for 2001 were to stay healthy for a full season, do all the Grand Prix races, and make the ladders in the 5, 10 and 20k. I was fortunate enough to achieve all those goals and I would be happy to duplicate that in 2002.


Maryanne Torrellas
American records that I used to think I could produce at will...are dusty memories, I believe all erased by faster fleeter feet of youth.

Master's records once in my grasp seem now more than an arm's length away. What gets me out of bed to fight the wind and rain, what rallies me when the body screams stop? What gives rise to that satisfied notion of going just a little faster than yesterday when I'm many minutes off my pr?.... If I look around I find the answer in the smiles, the hugs, the true connection with the ones who toe the starting line. The camaraderie brings me back even if I'm pudgy and slow.

This year I have a dream to walk in a race with my cousin Peter Timmons, with whom I was a kidney donor last year. He has struggled balancing all his medications and is finally on his way to getting back in shape. I do not really know if he will walk in a race as this man was in the Olympic Trials ranked in the top 5 and was one heck of an athlete. Can he bear to walk 12-minute miles? Before surgery I held onto this notion of our recovering well, being healthy and able to walk in a race together. It was Peter who taught me how to racewalk, the bond is strong, and I would like to honor that by walking side by that is my goal - no particular time, or distance, just circumstance.


Joanne Harriman
To make the 20k ladder for the first time and try to get faster at all the distances. ("Gee," says husband Bill, "the rest of us are slowing down.")


Ken Mattsson
I'm looking to get healthy enough that I can actually start training, 'participate' in a race by June, and actually compete in a race by the fall. Oh yeah, and get a job!


Richard Ruquist
To break 30 minutes at Danehy Park.


Joe Light
2002 goals: Do at least 4 Grand Prix events for first time in 3 years. To compete in the indoor season with no dq's. Modest goals, but realistic.


Charlie Mansbach
My log shows that I took part in 13 races last year, with less than distinguished results. The highlights were:

1. a race that no one saw (at least no one outside of Rio Maior,Portugal).
2. a race that no one else entered (call me the N.E. outdoor one-mile champion)
3. a race that no one judged (10 miles of high spirits in Narragansett)
4. a race that no one measured (the Long Clamdigger of '01).

So my goal is just to keep on walking in 2002. Hey, if I can't produce good results, at least I can collect good stories.

Membership renewal time

If the date atop your mailing label for this issue does not say "2002" or later, your New England Walkers dues are due. The payments support races, clinics, mailings and other NEW activities throughout the region. At $6 a year, it's still the best deal around. Please send your check to Justin Kuo, 39 Oakland Road, Brookline, MA 02445. Members may also renew membership or sign-up online by visiting our web page at:


Following is from Steve Vaitones, managing director of the USA Track & Field New England office:

Time to renew your USATF membership for 2002! USATF membership is good for the calendar year, and you get a different number each year. The membership is good for any event around the country requiring membership. Most track meets require it, as do our championship walks at all levels.

New England association (administering and running programs in the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) is one of only a handful of the 57 local associations nationwide to have a full-time office to work for you and serve as a resource.

NEW member Justin Kuo is the USATF-NE racewalking chairman and webmaster, and Steve Vaitones is the full-time managing director.

Membership turnaround time has been cut to just about 2 weeks over the past year. Benefits include a national newsletter (2 or 3 times a year), member bumpersticker, discounts on publications (National Masters News, Track & Field News, and New England Runner, to name a few) and products, supplemental accident insurance when competing at meets, and a new batch of benefits to be announced shortly.

Plus, you support the sport and local programs by joining the organization, there are some entry fee discounts for club entry, and there are benefits to the club based on how many USATF members a club has.

You'll get a renewal form from both the national office and the New England newsletter that will go out in January, but it's easiest to take care of it right away by using the form in this issue. Adult membership fee is $20 for the year. Youth fee (age 18 and under) is $15. Check the local website, as well as the national website,

Winter workouts

Ken Mattsson is conducting racewalking sessions at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School indoor track in Cambridge, MA in conjunction with the Cambridge Sports Union. The fee is $1 per session. For information, call Ken at 617-576-9331.

Springfield racewalkers train at Forest Park at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and on Blake Track at Springfield College at 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays. For information, contact Bob Beaudet at 413-525-3542

2002 race calendar

As always, our listing of racewalking events is not engraved in stone. Some races are added during the season, others are changed or canceled. It's always best to verify the time, date and location with the race director before setting out.


13 - 1 Mile, Dartmouth Relays, Hanover, NH, 9 a.m. 13 - 1 Mile, Brown University, Providence, USATF-NE Masters track meet. 401-863-1041.

20 - 3K, 9:30 a.m, Greater Boston Track Club Invitational, Harvard University track, Allston, MA. 617-282-5537.

27 - 1 Mile, 10:45 a.m. The "Give Track a Try" Track Meet, hosted by Somerville Roadrunners at the (new) Tufts University Indoor Track facility, Medford MA. "Really low key in all events, being held to encourage participation by all types of runners and walkers," reports Steve Vaitones. "No excuse not to give this one a try! Would also be a good opportunity for novice judges." Contact USATF-NE, (617) 566-7600.


10 - 12th annual Connecticut Racewalkers Indoor Mall 3K, 9:30 a.m., Milford, CT. An event unique in the world, and everyone who does this race raves about it. Contact Gus Davis, (203) 795-6441, who urges New England Walkers participation and even a team entry.

17 -3K, USATF New England Championships, 12:20 p.m. Harvard University. 20-minute time limit for starting final lap. Contact USATF-NE, (617) 566-7600

18 - 27th annual Presidents Day 3.7-miler, 2 p.m., D.W. Field Park, Brockton, MA. One of our most cherished traditions. Group meal to follow at nearby restaurant. Justin Kuo, (617) 731-9889.


24 - USATF National Masters 3K, 1p.m., Reggie Lewis Track, Boston. Grand Prix event. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.


14- 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.).

21 - Clamdigger five-miler, Town Beach, Westerly, RI. Grand Prix event. A traditional favorite for New England Walkers. Joe Light, 401-596-3173


12 -5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing.)

Late in month - Great Bear 5K. Pollard School, Needham, MA, 3:20 p.m. An unjudged walk as part of a daylong series of road races. 781-444-8499.

Late in month or early in June - 15K, Ninigret Park, Charlestown, RI. Stay tuned.


Early in month - Massachusetts Senior Games, 1500-meter and 5K racewalks for ages 50 and above. Springfield. 413-788-2457.

9 -5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing.)


4 - Dedham 5-miler, Dedham, MA. An unjudged walking division as part of the town's holiday road race.

14 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing.)

13 or 20 -Bay State Games 3K. Part of the track and field portion of the statewide athletics festival. 781-932-6555.

20 or 27 - Eastern Masters 5K championship, Springfield College. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.

26 - Blessing of the Fleet 10-miler, Narragansett, RI. Not judged, not really a racewalk. But great fun.


11? (perhaps to be rescheduled to avoid conflict) - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing)

8-11 - National Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Orono, Maine. 5K and 20K racewalks. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.


8 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See April listing)

Sometime this month - Regional one-hour championship. Many details to come.


6 -- National Junior 5K championships, plus New England 5K championships, hosted by the New England Association. Location and other details to follow.

? - Connecticut 10K championship.

Racewalking down memory lane

Since we're in the midst of the indoor season, Steve Vaitones offers this flashback from the North Medford Club Newsletter, 1966:

"National Champion Paul Schell again wins NEAAU 10 Mile Indoor Title," reported by Fred Brown.February 5th, 1966. 3rd Annual YMCA 10 Mile walk - 124 laps on an indoor track. We had 4 checkers, all women, & it was too much for them or anyone else to handle. I am sure of the position on the 1st six but they didn't all walk the same number of laps. After that we settled for a good workout. With the amount of snow around here an outdoor walk is out of the question. The 1st six got medals & the remainder a smaller medal. No one was unhappy as they all understood that we just didn't have officials enough. We had no judge but only one fellow needed judging. I tried to have it changed to a 5 miler in two heats, but the YMCA director vetoed the idea."

1. Paul Schell NMC 84:15
2. Shaul Ladany NYPC 85:30
3. Ray Vaguener NMC 86:50
4. Geo Life Canada 93:57
5. Steve Rebman NMC 99:18
6. Lennie Holmes NMC 99:25
7. Bob McVeigh BAA 102:06

26 finishers!

Notes from Steve Vaitones: Truly the man who held racewalking together for decades, the late Fred Brown of the North Medford Club was not concerned with things like complete sentences and grammar and told it the way it was in results. The NMC newsletter was probably the best source of local results at the time, given that the great-great-grandfather of Runners World, The Long Distance Log, covered the entire country in just 16 to 24 half-size pages.

The standard tracks were 11 or 12 laps per mile "way" back then, either wood or dirt. This was likely a suspended wooden track at the Y, though the story does not say which one. There was nothing like the spacious 200 meter ovals we've become used to. Who would have thought that there would be such a crowd for any 10 miler, let alone indoors. Anyone want to go retro and recreate this one this winter?

The Danehy Top Ten

Bill Harriman, overseer of our popular monthly 5K series, offers this report:

Well, it took a while but I've finally finished compiling the entire Danehy Park database, listing all the competitors who have ever raced at Danehy. The three years have seen 19 races and a total of 53 walkers, 26 men and 27 women. The top ten performers in each division are:

1. 26:06 Brian Savilonis
2. 27:01 Rich McElvery
3. 27:02 Steve Vaitones
4. 27:44 Bill Harriman
5. 27:48 Bob Ullman
6. 28:18 John Costello
7. 28:57 Stan Sosnowski
8. 28:59 Tom Knatt
28:59 Richard Ruquist
10. 29:28 Hassan Kouchaoui
1. 23:02 Joanne Dow
2. 27:21 Marcia Gutsche
3. 31:21 Holly Wenninger
4. 31:53 Mary Flanagan
5. 33:52 Itzi Garcia
6. 33:59 Meg Savilonis
7. 34:13 Jeanne Shepardson
8. 34:16 Pat Godfrey
9. 34:39 Pamela Hoss
10. 35:06 Joanne Harriman

The Ironman Award goes to the amazing Justin Kuo, who walked in 15 of the 19 races as well as helping me with the judging in most of them. Justin usually does his 5k solo after the main race is over.

End of an era

For the 13th consecutive year, we played host to the National One-Hour and Two-Hour Racewalking Championships on Oct. 7 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. A strong turnout of walkers and a dedicated group of volunteers made the event a ringing success.

We won't, however, get a chance to repeat our succcess for a 14th straight time. Last month, the USA Track & Field national convention awarded the 2002 race to the Long Island association, evidently on the strength of its offer of prize money.

But we still will be hosting a national event. The convention awarded the USATF 5K Junior Championship to the New England Association for Sunday, October 6. We will conduct this race on a track and will add all age groups and Junior, Open and Masters divisions. Location and other details have yet to be worked out; if you would like to be involved in the planning, please contact Justin Kuo at (617) 731-9889.

Following are the results of our One-Hour/Two-Hour finale.

Men's Two Hour
1 Sean Albert (27) Chula Vista, CA 27031
2 Curt Clausen (33) Chula Vista, CA 26396
3 Al Heppner,(27 ) Chula Vista, CA 25878
4 John Nunn (23) Chula Vista, CA 23762
5 Bill Vayo (37) White Plains, NY 22893

Judges: Mary Helen Baldwin, Harry Brooks, Diana Gladden, Gary Westerfield, Maryanne Torrellas (chief).

This was one of the best fields of national-class competitors we've ever had for the two-hour. The top four finishers are based at the Olympic Training Center and were on their way to the Pan American Racewalk Cup in Ecuador later in the month. Albert was impressively strong throughout the race in holding off two-time Olympian Clausen.

Men's One Hour
1 Adam Staier (17) Farmington, ME 12440
2 Reynaldo A Carrazana (43) Ravena, NY 11763
3 Robert H Keating (54) Nashua, NH 11669
4 Leon J Jasionowski (57) Shelby Twp., MI 11560
5 John Chasse (18) Readfield, ME 11411
6 Richard M McElvery (44) Hollis, NH 10950
7 Joseph R Trapani (15) Lake Grove, NY 10885
8 Shawn L Frederick (48) Palisades, NY 10752
9 Paul R. Johnson (64) Fort Smith, AR 10673
10 Joe W. Light (54) Westerly, RI 10604
11 Stanley C. Sosnowski (51) West Kingston, RI 10435
12 Vladimir Telnov (28) Rocky Hill, CT 10381
13 Bob E Barrett (67) Smallwood, NY 10290
14 Bill Harriman (54) Tewksbury, MA 10237
15 John D. Costello (46) Sherborn, MA 10225
16 James J McGrath (64) Medford, NY 10128
17 Daniel L Pendergast (19) Gorham, ME 10124
18 Robert N Ullman (52) Nashua, NH 10078
19 Thomas Knatt (61) Concord, MA 10016
20 Wilson Crone (41) Troy, NY 9793
21 Stephen C. McCullough (40) Rocky Hill, CT 9757
22 Mark R. Dennet (16) Winthrop, ME 9755
23 Aaron J Whitten (15) Farmington, ME 9691
24 Jack Starr (73) Newark, DE 9548
25 Yuri J. Kuo (16) Brookline, MA 8912
26 Bernie Finch (61) Pepin, WI 8831
27 Bill J. McCann (72) Longmeadow, MA 8718
28 Louis J. Free (71) Uncasville, CT 8499
29 Edward J Gawinski (74) Wilmington, DE 8270
30 Thomas P Fitzgerald (60) Niskayuna, NY 7721
31 Richard V Huie (66) Branford, CT 7544
32 David P Baldwin (58) Harrington, ME DQ
33 George Curti (65) Cranston, RI DQ
34 Gus S. Longo (58) Methuen, MA DQ

Judges: Mary Helen Baldwin, Harry Brooks, Diana Gladden, Gary Westerfield, Maryanne Torrellas (chief).

One of our largest men's fields ever, and a third masters win for Carrazana.

For the first time, the men's one hour began while the two-hour racers were still on the track. The start worked smoothly, with the one-hour competitors lining up in the outside lanes and taking off precisely as the two-hour clock hit 60 minutes. The only straggler was John Costello ("For some reason, I was thinking 10:30, not 10"), who was still walking across the infield with his gear in his arms when the gun went off. John quickly donned his shoes, left his shirt and number on the ground and jumped onto the track. "The naked guy is Number 10," lap-counting chief Wendy Glick helpfully announced. Race- director-of-all-trades Justin Kuo affixed the numbers to John's singlet and handed it to him as John completed the first lap. This was another first for us; we've always had water stations, so why not a shirt station?

Women's One Hour
1 Joanne D Dow (37) Manchester, NH 12891
2 Cheryl Rellinger (35) Cohoes, NY 1152
3 Victoria S. Herazo (42) Las Vegas, NV 11477
4 Marcia A Gutsche (40) Newton, MA 11362
5 Mallory K Delaney (16) Farmingdale, NY 10148
6 Moneta A Roberts (42) Mobile, AL 10127
7 Jasmine Brooks (16) Peru, ME 9916
8 Ann T Percival (43) New Britain, CT 9619
9 Holly Wenninger (37) Malden, MA 9345
10 Ginger M Armstrong (39) Taftville, CT 9239
11 Joanne M Harriman (58) Tewksbury, MA 9146
12 Madelyn M O'Brien (15) Winthrop, ME 9097
13 Patricia L Godfrey (55) Winthrop, MA 8675
14 Eileen Druckenmiller (39) Emmaus, PA 8660
15 Nadya E Dimitrov (51) Smithtown, NY 8614
16 Annie Montgomery (54) Concord, MA 8455
17 Sheila S. Sosnowski (50) Mystic, CT 8420
18 Jessica Compton (18) Farmington, ME 7822
19 Mary Helen Baldwin (52) Harrington, ME 7376

Judges: Dave Baldwin, Tom Knatt, Diana Gladden, Gary Westerfield, Maryanne Torrellas, Harry Brooks (chief).

A spectacular performance by Dow against the formadible Rellinger and many-time champion Herazo. Strong race also by Gutsche (who was dubbed "local hero" in Ohio Racewalker.)

End of the season

New England Walkers 10K, Dec. 9 - After a week of balmy temperatures, the first snowfall of the late autumn greeted our year-ending road race, potluck meal and club meeting in Concord, MA. But the roads turned clear by noon, we abandoned ourcontingency plan of multiple loops around a nearby block, and off we went on the traditional course. There was no time to install the trusty course-marking signs, but host Tom Knatt gave everyone a briefing with his road map beforehand, and Bob Keating drove from one crucial turning point to another to make sure no one drifted off into the wilds of Acton.

1. Joe Light (M54) Westerly RI 58:44
2. Bob Ullman (M53) Nashua NH 1:03:03
3. Dick Ruquist (M64) Cambridge MA 1:03:24
4. Thomas Knatt (M61) Concord MA 1:06:46
5. Charlie Mansbach (M57) Newton MA 1:06:47
6. Justin Kuo (M47) Brookline MA 1:09:49
7. Bill Harriman (M54) Tewksbury MA 1:17:59
8. Joanne Harriman (M58) Tewksbury MA 1:18:38
9. Chris Luck (M45) Manchester NH 1:19:09

Not the most scintilating of times, and at least one walker complained of feeling the effects of excessive Christmas partying the night before. But the good old Boston Globe published the full results and even mentioned Joe's victory in the highly visible Page 2 Sports Log. "It probably went out on the international wire, too," Joe remarked. "I bet bin Laden is reading about it in his cave." And an equally wry Nancy K. Mansbach observed, "You go to someone's house for lunch and it winds up in the paper?" Phone any time

For up-to-the-minute information on race schedules, clinics and other events, call the New England Walkers hotline at: 781-433-7142

The New England Walkers

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Charlie Mansbach
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For membership information, contact Justin Kuo at 617-731-9889

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