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New England Walkers Newsletter
July 2002

Mark your calendar

Two major events for masters (age 30 and above, which means most of us) are nearly upon us. The Eastern Masters Regional Track and Field championships will include separate 5K racewalks for men and women beginning at 10:25 a.m. Saturday, July 27, at Springfield College in Springfield, MA. Two weeks later, the National Masters Track and Field championships will be held at the University of Maine at Orono, with 5K racewalks on Friday, August 9, and 10K walks on Sunday, August 11. We've had strong turnouts at both events in the past and are hoping for a repeat this year. For further information on both events, call the New England track and field office at 617-566-7600.

Another title for Dow

Joanne Dow on her way to set the 20K american record in 1:34:46.52 in Palo Alto, CA. Photo Vince Peters Joanne Dow of Manchester, NH, captured the 20K racewalk crown at the National Track and Field Championships in Palo Alto, CA, on June 22. Dow, reports Steve Vaitones," made up a significant gap after the halfway mark and moved the to the lead on the 48th of 50 laps to win with a time of recent previous championship was the national 1:34:46.52, a new US record." Joanne's most indoor 3K race in March.

1 Joanne Dow 1:34:46.52
2 Teresa Vaill 1:34:53.46
3 Amber Antonia 1:35:59.44
4 Jill Cobb 1:39:45.60
5 Susan Armenta 1:40:56.07
6 Michelle Rohl 1:44:27.40
7 Bobbi Chapman 1:45:57.46
8 Jolene Moore 1:46:53.44
9 Sam Cohen 1:49:51.16
10 Deborah Huberty 1:52:51.09

Other race results

Massachusetts Senior Games - Springfield College, June 14-15. The usual mixed field, especially for the track races, of racewalking regulars and people who had never racewalked before (and in a few cases may not even have heard of racewalking before). Judging is customarily lenient here; Tom Knatt said that if he had been strict, he would have eliminated everyone after the first two walkers in the women's 1500-meter race. The top two finishers in each age bracket earned the right to compete in the national games next year in Virginia.

Women's 1500 meters (50-54)
1. Rosalind Clark, Hampden 11:55
Women's 1500 meters (55-59)
1. Ann Montgomery, Concord 10:19
2. Anita Sperber, Boston 12:12
3. Linda Fitzgerald 15:56
Women's 1500 meters (60-64)
1. Sandra Shaw, Lexington 11:50
2. Mary Ann Pappanikou 12:24
3. Judy Scott, Hyannis 12:56
Women's 1500 meters (65-69)
1. Frances O'Brien, Longmeadow 10:26
2. Monica Donegan, 12:03
Women's 1500 meters (75-79)
1. Florence Dagata, Pawtucket, R.I. 12:26
2. Minna Charles, New York City 14:19
3. Jean Marra, North Adams 15:35
Women's 5K (50-54)
1. Rosalind Clark, Hampden 41:56
Women's 5K (60-64)
1. Joanne Harriman, Tewksbury 33:16
2. Pauline Sullivan 38:44
Women's 5K (65-69)
1. Frances O'Brien, Longmeadow 36:13
Women's 5K (70-74)
1. Rosemary Rimkus 53:16
Women's 5K (75-79)
1. Florence Dagata, Pawtucket, R.I. 43:17
2. Minna Charles, New York City 44:33
Men's 1500 meters (55-59)
1. Charles Mansbach, Newton 8:49
2. Paul Scopetski, Marlboro 9:56
dq. Peter Eberlin
Men's 1500 meters (60-64)
1. Thomas Knatt, Concord 8:18
2. Dennis Becker, Brookline 9:22
3. Thomas Conlin, Agawam 9:40
dq. Terrence Coyne, North Adams
Men's 1500 meters (65-69)
1. Bob Beaudet, East Longmeadow 8:28
2. Don Murray, Dorchester 9:19
3. Mike Grady 10:33
4. Robert Donegan, Ludlow 11:36
Men's 1500 meters (70-74)
1. Louis Free, Uncasville, Ct. 10:06
2. Charles (Chuck) Dolecki, Wilbraham 10:07
3. George Freeman, Cobleskill, N.Y. 10:08
4. Valio Liedes, Ashby 10:29
Men's 1500 meters (75-79)
1. Ben Lezon, Enfield 10:23
2. Horst Langer, Wayland 10:30
3. William O'Leary, Westwood 11:17
Men's 1500 meters (80-84)
1. Jacob Robinson, Longmeadow 11:25
Men's 1500 meters (85-89)
1. David Ward, Fairhaven 13:45
Men's 5K (55-59)
1. Bill Harriman, Tewksbury 27:52
2. Charles Mansbach, Newton 31:00
Men's 5K (60-64)
1. Tom Knatt, Concord 29:33
Men's 5K (65-69)
1. Bob Beaudet, East Longmeadow 31:15
2. Don Murray, Dorchester 32:45
3. Russell Laste 33:14
4. Mike Grady 35:30
5. Robert Donegan 42:50.
Men's 5K (70-74)
1. Louis Free, Uncasville, Ct. 34:03
2. William McCann, Longmeadow 41:56
Men's 5K (75-79)
1. Ben Lezon,Enfield 36:19
2. William O'Leary, Westwood 38:26

New England 15k Championships - June 8, Ninigret Park, Charlestown, RI. A nice clear, dry day on the perfectly flat Ningret course as the 15K returned to our schedule after an absence of five years. Thanks go to the judges and helpers, and especially to Joe Light for making all the arrangements.

1 Brian Savilonis 53 MA 1:21:50
2 Marcia Gutsche 40 MA 1:22:02
3 Joe Light 54 RI 1:27:11
4 John Costello 46 MA 1:30:49
5 Bill Harriman 55 MA 1:32:32
6 Charlie Mansbach 57 MA 1:39:24
7 Lou Free 72 CT 1:47:06
8 Joanne Harriman 59 MA 1:49:49
9 Gus Davis 64 CT 1:53:30

Judges: Justin Kuo (chief); Bill Banks; Ross Dagata
Helpers: Flo Dagata, Genya Kuo, Yuri Kuo

Danehy developmental 5K - Cambridge, MA, May 12 and June 9. Bill Harriman reports: "The May edition of the Danehy Park 5k series featured the deepest field we have ever had here, with both course record holders as well as a number of New England's swiftest walkers in the field. Joanne Dow tied her own course record in the women's division, while Brian Savilonis prevailed in a tight battle with Marcia Gutsche and Rich McElvery to lower his men's course record to 25:20. Both Marcia and Rich had PR's, and Holly Wenninger and Pat Godfrey had their fastest Danehy times."

1. Joanne Dow 23:02
2. Brian Savilonis 25:20
3. Marcia Gutsche 25:22
4. Rich McElvery 25:52
5. Bob Ullman 28:57
6. Steve Vaitones 29:41
7. Dick Ruquist 30:10
8. Tom Knatt 30:24
9. Holly Wenninger 31:03
10. Justin Kuo 33:15
11. Pat Godfrey 33:55
12. Paul Schell 34:08

Judges: Bill Harriman, Ken Mattsson, Tim Dow and Tolya Kuo.

"A day after racing 15 kilometers in the New England Championships at Ninigret Park in Rhode Island, Brian Savilonis and I participated in the Danehy Park 5K. I will not go so far as to say we raced. Survived may be a better word. The race was officiated by Charlie Mansbach and Joanne Harriman, and the results are:"

1. Brian Savilonis 52 Princeton MA 29:44
2. Tom Knatt 61 Concord MA 30:34
3. Holly Wenninger 37 Malden MA 31:07
4. Laurel Ginder 44 Hudson MA 35:44
5. Bill Harriman 55 Tewksbury MA 35:56

New England outdoor 3K championship - June 15, Massachusetts Institute of Technology track, Cambridge MA. Justin Kuo reports: "I don't know if the steady drizzle kept the numbers down, but four souls completed the 3K walk" at the USATF outdoor meet. "The third and fourth place finishers were new to racewalking -- this was their first competition. Maybe we can encourage more clubs to try the racewalk?"

1 Richard McElvery New England Walkers 14:53.65
2 Stephen Peckikonis Cambridge Sports Union 15:55.47
3 Patrick Collier Athletics East 17:58.94
4 Harris Hardy Athletics East 22:12.15

On The Road to 50K, Part One
By Bill Harriman

My former life as a runner lasted almost 30 years, from my junior high days in Chelsea MA in the early 1960s until my last race at the Milk Run 10k in April 1990, after which I finally but reluctantly had to give up competitive running and triathlons because of lingering pain from a herniated disc in my lower back. During all those years I managed to run 24 marathons and hundreds of shorter races but was never tempted to try anything longer than 26.2 miles, although I did once run 30 miles two weeks before my PR 2:45 marathon at Boston in 1981. Now I find myself training for a 50k walk. The question is why.

Good question. I guess I'm just a sucker for a challenge, and it will be a challenge to racewalk 31 miles without keeling over from exhaustion or losing legal form. I have toyed with the idea of walking a 50, but the few 50s on the race calendar have all been in California, or somewhere else far away, until this year. I had the misfortune of spotting the Eastern Regional 50k listed in the final issue of the NARF newsletter this January, with a race date of Nov. 10 in Hauppauge NY. I started thinking, which usually leads to trouble. Good time of year, driveable distance, etc. Before I knew it I was hooked. I went in to have my head examined and they didn't find anything, so I was cleared to train for the 50. So now the entry blank has been mailed in and the hotel reservations made. I will go through with it, if my back tolerates the training mileage I'll have to do. This is the first edition of a series I'll write about the road to and the results of my first and quite possibly last 50k. After a fairly successful and injury-free season in 2001, I took my usual break from training in November and December, with less than 100k of training mileage for each month. Then around the middle of January I spotted the 50k listing and also decided it was time to sharpen up for the indoor 3k circuit and beyond, so I went from 29 and 16 kilometers for the first two weeks in January to 48 and 50 the next two weeks, with long walks of 20k both Sundays, then a 38k week topped off by a 24k Sunday walk. Too abrupt a jump but I got through it fairly well, with a moderately high fatigue level in the last few miles of those long ones but not too bad. I also switched back to morning workouts, which are better for me because I tend to miss fewer workouts that way, so now I do my 5 at 5, which is 5 miles at 5 AM, every weekday morning.

Since January 15th I have logged 7 16ks, 6 20s, 2 24s, a 25, and a 28, with most weeks totaling around 45-55k. Race weeks are always lower mileage because I like to taper for a few days before a race, and rest completely the day before. My back has been ok, with a few minor flare-ups. I also started speedwork late in April with Ken Mattsson's group at the Harvard outdoor track on Tuesday evenings. The track work on top of the distance base has resulted in some success at the races, including a near-PR 27:52 in the Mass. Senior Games 5k on June 15. I will continue to keep the weekly mileage over 60k whenever possible, and increase to 70-80k after the Orono 10k in August. I also plan on gradually adding a kilometer or two to the long walks until I reach 40k in training. If I can't do 40 in training, I will not attempt the 50. I may be crazy but I'm not stupid, although others may disagree! Another installment of this ongoing saga will follow in the next newsletter, if I live that long.

Grand Prix standings

Record-keeper Bill Harriman reports: "Marcia Gutsche and Joe Light jumped into the lead in the 2002 Racewalk Grand Prix series with strong performances in the New England 15K. They each made it a total of 4 GP races for the season, for a full point total. Scoring is based on the best 4 performances throughout the year. The next races in the series are the Bay State Games 3K on 7/13 and the Eastern Regional 5K on 7/27.

4 Races
Joe Light 319.03
Tom Knatt 312.64
Bill Harriman 299.19
Charlie Mansbach 280.24
3 Races
Brian Savilonis 242.54
John Costello 215.94
Gus Davis 207.84
2 Races
Bob Keating 174.43
Adam Staier 164.18
Dave Baldwin 154.72
Lou Free 151.31
Bob Beaudet 149.41
Mark Dennett 146.51
Bill McCann 145.65
Jeremy Martin 144.3
1 Race
Kevin Eastler 83.09
Richard Ruquist 77.8
Rich McElvery 77.56
Jon Chasse 73.56
Bob Ullman 73.25
Geoff Bye 70.53
Andy Cable 66.36
George Curti 66.16
Spencer Parrish 65.31
Keith Rowlett 65.13
Stephen McCullough 62.04
Justin Kuo 60.91
Yuri Kuo 59.06
4 Races
Marcia Gutsche 343.38
Maryanne Torrellas 340.12
Lee Chase 334.66
Joanne Harriman 302.66
3 Races
Chris Anderson 225.27
2 Races
Joanne Dow 184.22
Jasmine Brooks 159.69
Jean Tenan 147.39
1 Race
Cathy Orr 74.84
Ann Percival 73.5
Lynda Beckett 70.7
Florence Dagata 70.42
Ginger Armstrong 69.93
Carol Kuo 64.09
Nectar Babeghian 61.21
Maddy O'Brien 60.23

Outdoor workouts

Ken Mattsson is conducting racewalking sessions at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Harvard University track in Allston, MA in conjunction with the Cambridge Sports Union. Walkers at all levels of ability and experience are welcome.

For information, call Ken at 617-576-9331.

Springfield racewalkers train at Forest Park at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and on Blake Track at Springfield College at 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays. For information, contact Bob Beaudet at 413-525-3542

2002 race calendar

As always, our listing of racewalking events is not engraved in stone. Some races are added during the season, others are changed or canceled. It's always best to verify the time, date and location with the race director before setting out.


13 -Bay State Games 3K. Part of the track and field portion of the statewide athletics festival. 781-932-6555.

26 - Blessing of the Fleet 10-miler, Narragansett, RI. Not judged, not really a racewalk. But great fun.

27 - Eastern Masters 5K championship, Springfield College. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.


4 (moved to first Sunday in month to avoid conflict) - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.).

8-11 - National Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Orono, Maine. 5K and 10K racewalks. USATF-NE office, 617-566-7600.


8 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, 9:30 a.m. (See August listing) Sometime this month - Regional one-hour championship. Many details to come.


5 - 5K, Bristol, NH, in conjunction with New Hampshire Marathon. 603-744-3335.

6 -- National Junior 5K championships, plus New England 5K championships, hosted by the New England Association. Location and other details to follow.

? - Connecticut 10K championship.

Phone any time

For up-to-the-minute information on race schedules, clinics and other events, call the New England Walkers hotline at: 781-433-7142

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