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New England Walkers Newsletter
November 2002

The grand finale

The traditional end of our outdoor season, the New England Walkers 10K race, followed by a potluck lunch and club meeting, will begin at noon Sunday,November 17, at the home of club president Tom Knatt at 83 Riverside Drive inWest Concord, MA. Racers and non-racers alike are urged to attend. Please bring a dish, hot or cold, to share. And please bring yourselves; the more club members we hear from at the meeting, the better we can lay out our plans for 2003. A splendid time is guaranteed, and ifwe're really lucky, Tom may even regale us with tales of his recent visit to his second home in France.

Getting there: Tom offers these travel directions, plus a new request on parking: From Boston, go west onRoute 2 for 8 miles beyond 128 (I-95). Turn left on Route 62 at the intersection after Emerson Hospital, going toward Maynard. Follow Route62, bearing left at the 99 Restaurant, to the next traffic light. Turn left onPine St. (church and library on the corner), and go two short blocks. My large green Victorian house is on the far right-hand corner of Pine andRiverside Ave. Do not be confused by the sign on the corner for PleasantSt. It is a five-corner, three-street intersection, although it does not appear to be so. Parking is best on Pleasant St. in the marked spots. My neighbors on the dirt portion of Riverside Ave. would prefer that you not park there, and there are No Parking signs.

For further information, call Tom at 978-369-7912.

Volunteers thanked

Fifteen New England Walkers members and friends donated their time to help the Tufts 10K for Women run smoothly on Columbus Day. Their efforts built good will for the club and added appreciably to our treasury. The volunteers were: Maureen Danahy and Rick Moore; Debbie Spencer and Jim; Carol, Justin, Genya, Tolya, and Anna Kuo; Bill Harriman; Richard Ruquist and Ruth; Harold and Dorothy Thornley; and Bill Rowan.

On The Road to 50K, Part Two
By Bill Harriman

As mentioned in part one of this series a few months ago, I had to give up running in 1990 because of back pain from a herniated disc. I had been aware of race walking for a long time, having run for the North Medford Club in the '60s. Fred Brown was always after me to try race walking ,but I was young and occasionally fast. I just wanted to run. But 1990 seemed like a good time to try it so I hooked up with Phil McGaw and learned the basics. That summer I raced Fresh Pond a few times, labored through a broiling Taunton 11.7 miler, and managed to finish a few road10ks in 56 minutes. I'd take that time now! I logged almost 11,000 meters in the hour on the MIT track, then more back pain a week later. In frustration I gave up that sport, too, and just worked out to stay in shape for the next 6 years. In 1996, after having taken some yoga classes and learning more about stretching, I decided to try race walking again. I've been at it since then, with a few setbacks here and there, usually because of the bad disc.

As for that 50K-- to be held Nov. 10 in Hauppage, NY -- since early July my training has been much more uneven that I would have liked. I've gotten some good long walks in, but also missed a few weeks of training due to back pain. I missed a week inmid-July, a week in late August, and another week in late September. Along the way I managed to get in a 16-miler on 8/3, a 20 on 8/17, 15 on 9/1, 15 on 9/7,25 on 9/14, 21 on 10/5, 23 on 10/13, and 26.2 in the Bay State Marathon on10/20. I have had good strength throughout those long ones, with the only problem being that my legs start to hurt from fatigue after about 4 hours and they keep on hurting all the way after that, no matter what the pace.

Special thanks to my wife, Joanne, who came looking for me twice with extra water on hot days when I went longer than planned. I was parched with dehydration in that 25-miler on a hot mid-September afternoon.

As I write this, it's almost Halloween and the days dwindle. I approach the 50 with a mixture of anticipation and dread, especially dread. Due to the demands of a busy and stressful job and a 2-3 hour round-trip commute, my weekly mileage has not been as high as I would have liked. Actually, I just stopped and calculated it, and it's only 27 miles per week averaged over the 17 weeks since 7/1. That includes the missed training weeks too. Will it be enough on 50k day?

Grand Prix results

Marcia Gutsche and Bob Keating are our 2002 Grand Prix champions, based on walkers' four best performances for the season. Points are awarded by comparing competitors' times to standardized age-graded tables. TheGrand Prix was expanded this year by including more races and by making more walkers eligible. The result was one of the strongest showings we've had in years. Hats off to Bill Harriman for riding heard on the schedule and tabulating everyone's performance.


4 Races
Marcia Gutsche 343.38
Maryanne Torrellas 341.92
Lee Chase 334.66
Joanne Harriman 307.06
Jean Tenan 295.25
Ginger Armstrong 275.12
Holly Wenninger 277
3 Races
Chris Anderson 225.27
Pat Godfrey 220.44
2 Races
JoanneDow 184.22
JasmineBrooks 159.69
AnnPercival 150.09
1 Race
Cathy Orr 74.84
Barbara Frasca 72.35
Lynda Beckett 70.7
Florence Dagata 70.42
Dotty Fine 66.29
Carol Kuo 64.09
Nectar Babeghian 61.21
Maddy O'Brien 60.23
Abigail Collings 54.23


4 Races
Bob Keating 348.41
Brian Savilonis 330.39
Joe Light 320.92
Tom Knatt 314.37
Bill Harriman 302.19
Lou Free 301.02
John Costello 293.1
Charlie Mansbach 281.26
Gus Davis 278.69
3 Races
Dave Baldwin 233.89
BillMcCann 221.11
Spencer Parrish 203.7
Stephen McCullough 185.87
2 Races
Adam Staier 164.18
Rich McElvery 154.71
Bob Beaudet 149.41
Mark Dennett 146.51
Bob Ullman 146.33
Jeremy Martin 144.3
Andy Cable 124.03
1 Race
Kevin Eastler 83.09
Richard Ruquist 77.8
Steve Vaitones 75.13
Jon Chasse 73.56
Steve Peckiconis 73.3
Geoff Bye 70.53
George Curti 66.16
Keith Rowlett 65.13
Robert Watkins 64.29
Justin Kuo 60.91
Thomas Fitzgerald ??.??
Yuri Kuo 59.06

On the big stage

National 20K champion Joanne Dow of Manchester, NH,was the first American woman 20K finisher in the World Cup of Race walking inTurin, Italy, on Oct. 13 in a time of 1:41.

Marcia Gutsche of Newton, MA had a big Sept ember, winning the national 5K women's championship in Kingsport, Tennessee on Sept.21 with a time of 25:53 and capturing the national women's masters one-hour crown a week later on Long Island with 11,070 meters.

Other race results

CSU One Hour Racewalk -Oct. 6, Bentley College track, Waltham MA.After plans fell through for a national junior 5K race on this date, some fast planning and hard work produced this excellent substitute event. It was the first competition of any type on the new Bentley track, and we hope to return there in 2003. The race was co-directed by Bill Harriman and Ken Mattsson, with special thanks to chief lap counterWendee Glick and to Pat Yingling, Itzi Garcia, Marcia Gutsche, and the rest of the CSU crew for their assistance.

1. Holly Wenninger 9576 meters
2. Joanne Harriman 8893 meters
3. Pat Godfrey 8832 meters
4. Dottie Fine 7746 meters
5. Abigail Collings 7695 meters
1. Joe Light 10,566 meters
2. John Costello 10,357 meters
3. Bob Ullman 9968 meters
4. Stephen McCullough 9209 meters
5. Thomas Fitzgerald 7572 meters

Judges: Ken Mattsson (chief), Bob Keating, Charlie Mansbach, Justin Kuo, and Bill Harriman.

Daney Park developmental 5K racewalks -- Cambridge,MA. Year Four of the popular series was a big success. The most recent results:

Sept. 8
1. John Costello 27:50
2. Tom Knatt 29:29
3. Holly Wenninger 29:45 (PR)
4. Pat Godfrey 34:28
5. Pat Yingling 38:24 (PR)
6. Michelle Bouchard 38:46
7. Dottie Fine 38:55
Aug. 4
1. BrianSavilonis 26:04
2. Marcia Gutsche 27:17
3. Bob Ullman 29:28
4. Itzi Garcia 36:39
5. Michelle Bouchard 38:41
6. Pat Yingling 39:02
7. Florence Dagata 44:59
1. Holly Wenninger 31:14
2. Mark Bell 32:44
3. Laurel Ginder 35:24
4. Barbara Bell 37:23
5. Bill O'Leary 39:29
6. Michelle Bouchard 43:05
7. Florence Dagata 44:49

Upcoming indoor races

Steve Vaitones, managing director for the USA Track & Field New England office, offers this schedule of racewalking track events:

Dec 14 (tentative) 3000m Stormin' Norman Invitational, BrandeisUniversity, Waltham MA. 10 a.m.

Jan 12 1 mile or 3000m, USATF-NE Masters T&F meet, BrownUniversity, Providence RI

Jan 19 3000 m, Greater Boston TC Invitational at Harvard. 9:30 a.m.

Feb 23 3000 m, USATF New England Indoor Championships, Harvard,11:30 a.m.

March 1-2 USA National Indoor T&F Championships, Reggie LewisTrack & Athletic Center, Boston. 3000m women, 5000mmen. Qualifying times. Last year Joanne Dow and Marcia Gutsche qualified and competed.

March 28-30 USA Masters Indoor Nationals, Reggae Lewis Track &Athletic Center, Boston. Walks on Sunday 3/30 Information for all track events can be found at


Steve also issues a reminder that USATF membership for 2002expires Dec. 31 and can be renewed anytime after Nov. 1. For further information, contact Steve at 617-566-7600.

Weekly workouts

Ken Mattsson is conducting outdoor racewalking sessions at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays through December in conjunction with theCambridge Sports Union. Walkers gather at the Harvard University track inAllston, MA. and proceed along the Charles River. Negotiations are under way to use the MIT indoor track for 10 weeks in January through March. Because MIT has changed its fee structure, Ken is hoping to round up a good-sized group of regulars to share the costs. For information, call Ken at 617-576-9331.

Springfield race walkers train at Forest Park at7:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and on Blake Track at Springfield College at 7:30 p.m. on Saturdays. For information, contact Bob Beaudet at 413-525-3542.

Racewalking down memory lane

November 1991 -- SteveVaitones wins the season-ending Concord 10K in 50:18, with Carol Kuo the first woman in 69:41. Rather than disqualify walkers for repeated lifting or bent knee, chief judge Tom Knatt assesses penalty minutes to a few transgressors in the middle of the pack.

November 1992 -- The Concord 10K coincides with club member George Conway's 90th birthday-- so, with George watching from Tom's front porch, the first walkers break into full rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You' as they pass by and round the first turn. Lead singer Bob Keating wins the race in 46:56.

November 1998 -- Despite the presence of the traditional white pie plates with blue arrows to guide walkers on the 10K course, Stan Sosnowski elects to follow a different-colored sign that turns out to be directing motorists to a neighborhood yard sale.Noting that 'I didn't have any money with me,' Stan scrambles back onto the course and resumes racing. Brian Savilonis wins the event in 54:01, with Stan choosing to stop short of the finish line and go into the books as a DNF.

Phone any time

For up-to-the-minute information on race schedules, clinics and other events, call the New England Walkers hotline at: 781-433-7142

The New England Walkers

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