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New England Walkers Newsletter
January 2004

Big doings for 2004

New England delegates Steve Vaitones and Justin Kuo returned from the 2003 USA Track & Field annual meeting in Greensboro, NC, last month with the news that our New England Association has been awarded the National 15-kilometer Racewalking Championship, to be held on Sunday, June 13, in Lincoln, RI. Many details will follow concerning the race time, precise description of the course, and all the volunteer duties that we will need to fill to make this major event a success.

Our association has also been awarded the East Region One Hour championship, to be held October 17 at Bentley College in Waltham. MA.

And we have a full range of other racewalking events on our calendar for the new year.

The schedule includes Year Six of the popular 5-kilometer races at Danehy Park in Cambridge, MA., held the second Sunday of the month from April through October. The races are judged but no one is disqualified; the judges are there to offer encouragement and useful advice.

Also in store is our annual Grand prix competition. Participants are ranked by their times in their four best designated events, as measured against age-graded tables. The lineup includes these events:

Jan. 11
1 mile USATF-NE Masters Brown University
Jan. 18 3K GBTC Harvard University
Feb. 22 3K USATF-NE Harvard University
March 28 3k USATF National Masters, Reggie Lewis Track
April 25 8k Clamdigger, Westerly RI
June 13 National 15K, Lincoln RI
June , 3K, USATF-NE Outdoor Championships
July 3k Bay State Games
Jul/Aug 5K Eastern Regional, Springfield College
Oct 17 One-hour, Bentley College, Waltham MA
Oct Connecticut Racewalkers 10k

Coming this summer: The all-electronic newsletter

In the interests of timeliness and efficiency, the New England Walkers soon will discontinue mass mailings of the printed newsletter and instead rely on the Internet to keep club members informed.

Many members already read the newsletter online on our web page at


And members who have subscribed to the newalkers electronic list receive an e-mail notification when a new newsletter has been posted. Most of the New England Walkers are already subscribed.

To subscribe, users may use the prompt below:

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or they may look for the "Subscribe to newalkers" and Yahoo Groups icon on our home page.

Wide participation in these electronic outlets will assure that everyone is receiving up-to-the-minute information on racewalking activity in our region.
We will mail two further issues, in March and in May, and then switch to an all-electronic format.

For those few who do not have Internet access and still wish to receive paper copies of the newsletter, please inform Charlie Mansbach, 25 Larkspur Road, Newton, MA 02468. He will see to it that printouts will come to you in the mail.

New year's resolutions

What are our racewalking goals and hopes for the year? As always, the query brings a variety of sentiments from club members and friends.


Fred Anderson
I would just like to fully recover from my knee surgery and compete in a few races. 2003 has not been a very active year for me because of my knee. Getting back into competitive mode in 2004 would be an achievement.


Brian Savilonis
This sounds like a repeat: get healthy enough to perform at a national level again. I am hoping that getting healthy and competing at a high level are not mutually exclusive for me anymore.

I would REALLY like to get to a longer race, such as the 40 or 50k. I have already entered a running marathon (May, VT), so these injuries had better leave me soon!!!


Richard Ruquist
Richard aka DizzyDick just wants to recover from his vertigo and get back into good enough shape to beat Charlie again.


Steve Vaitones
For the first time in many moons I'm making some RW resolutions

  • To do more walk training and less running training which can only be accomplished by reviewing all the pots I have in the fire; that is, a bit less time on the job.
  • To hit the track at least once a week after the training base is built.
  • To get a handful of new young athletes to try racewalking (HS and college age). If everyone got one, we'd double our numbers - and still have a very manageable program.

The first two resolutions should lead to some vague goals.

  • Walk one hammering indoor race and get within a minute of my personal best at 3000m.
  • Medal at Bay State Games - which might be a record for longest times between medals.
  • Race a 50K (Okay, maybe that one isn't real, though Gary Morgan has been prodding me to do so.)

As the well worn t-shirt slogan says, don't wish for success - train for it.


Joe Light
I've made an amazing discovery: there's a correlation between training and performance! Being semi-retired, I have more time and energy to train. I've thrown in some running and upped my weekly mileage a bit. In my last 2 races I've actually reversed a 4-year trend of getting pw's (personal worsts). My goal for 2004 is to continue this trend in the winter indoor season.


Bill McCann
As I think of stumbling into the new year at a creaky 74 my probably unrealistic goal is to participate for the first time in a competitive 15K, the national race set for Rhode Island in June.


Tom Knatt
My new year's resolution/wish is to get in good enough shape to do longer races reasonably well. Longer races include 10K and up.


Bill Harriman
I resolve to remain fit and healthy enough in 2004 to race in the national masters 10k and 20k, and possibly take a shot at the 50k again. I also resolve to compete in as many local races as I can while still doing my part to keep racewalking alive and well in New England.


Joanne Harriman
My goal is to keep training and racing hard in 2004. Having a great coach like Bill really makes the difference. Thanks Hon!


Charlie Mansbach
I just hope to remain healthy, keep racing, and try to continue increasing my age-graded scores at a faster rate than my actual times deteriorate. I look forward to our whole slate of races, by the end of which I will be competing in the 60-64 age category.

Membership renewal time

If the date atop your mailing label for this issue does not say "2004" or later, your New England Walkers dues are due. The payments support races, clinics, mailings and other NEW activities throughout the region. At $6 a year, it's still the best deal around. Please send your check to:

Justin Kuo
39 Oakland Road
Brookline, MA 02245

Members may also renew membership or sign up online by visiting our web page at


It is time also to renew your membership in USA Track & Field. Membership is required for participation in the many USATF-sanctioned events during the year. The form is available at, and you can also register on-line there. For further information, call the New England office at 617-566-7600.

'03 Grand Prix results

Seven men and four women completed the full 2003 Grand Prix, with top honors going again to Marcia Gutsche and Bob Keating. Participants were ranked by their times in their four best designated events, as measured against age-graded tables.

Following are the final standings, with thanks to indefatigable scorekeeper Bill Harriman.

Bob Keating 336.67
Brian Savilonis 317.94
Patrick Collier 311.26
Bill McCann 306.23
Bill Harriman 301.63
Lou Free 295.05
Charlie Mansbach 284.66
Marcia Gutsche 348.05
Joanne Harriman 308.63
Pat Godfrey 283.81
Holly Wenninger 278.78

Congratulations to …

Joanne Dow of Manchester, NH, our all-time New England Walkers success story, who was a repeat winner last month of the Ron Zinn Award as the nation's outstanding female 20K racewalker for 2003.

Kevin Eastler, originally from Maine and a familiar presence at top-level Boston-area races in the 1990s, who received the Zinn award for the men's 20Km.

Steve Vaitones, managing director of the USATF-NE office and longtime competitor and official, who was elected vice-chair of the national Race Walking Committee.

Team in Training report
By Michael Hoffer

The Rhode Island Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team in Training Program has just completed our 8th year and to date we still maintain a 100% completion record. Nationwide, Team in Training raised approximately $90,000,000 in 2003 and the research dollars continue to make a very positive impact on the cure rates.

During the year I competed in the Disney, Mardi Gras, San Diego, Newport, Cape Cod, New York City and Bermuda Great Walking Marathon events. To date I have raised in excess of $83,000 and as we move into 2004 we have an aggressive schedule starting in January with a return to the Disney Marathon. I have recruited my wife and to date she has done 5 events and will be doing the Disney Half Marathon with our team.

There were a number of highlights to my season this past year, and of course the biggest achievement is the continuation of our 100% completion record.

At the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon there was a national alumni presentation and I won two national awards, one for top number of events completed [32 at the time], and the second for third-highest fund raiser. Both of these awards are very special as I have dedicated a considerable amount of time to coaching, competing, fund-raising and watching the success of our research dollars. My assistant coach and I entered the Cape Cod Marathon as a relay team and we finished second in the 60 - 69 age category. In the Bermuda Great Walking Marathon I finished as the third place male in the Half Marathon component.

My most memorable event this year was the New York City Marathon. For a person who was born in Brooklyn and lived there for 13 years, this had very sentimental overtones. My strategy was to cover the course in a modest pace and finish in around 5 Hrs 45 mins. I was right on schedule and my wife was cheering me at mile 18 and again at mile 23. Just as I reached the 23-mile mark and saw my wife my back gave out. While I was not in any pain, I could not straighten up and I was " listing " to one side. I stopped to straighten my back when a total stranger came out of the cheering crowds and asked if I was OK and did I want him to walk with me the rest of the course.

The stranger who befriended me was an "Angel" and as life has its ironies, we had an unknown bond. It turns out that this man was in New York watching the race as his daughter was at Sloan Kittering Hospital, where she had been recovering from Hodgkins disease. The man and his wife were bringing their daughter home after a year's recovery, and this disease is one of the leukemia-related illnesses. My "Angel" walked with me for the next three miles, and I had to stop another 10 times to stretch out my back and get my bearings. The man kept offering me encouragement, support and stayed with me for what seemed like an eternity. When we got to the final Central Park entrance the police would not let my friend walk with me for the final 2/10s of a mile and I never saw him again.

I do not remember his name, and I realized that we were on opposite sides of leukemia and unfortunately we have a common bond. I will never forget this experience of how this man came out of the crowd and was there for me when I needed his help. My story has a happy ending, but my odyssey was minor compared to what this man and his wife have been living through with the dreaded illness of their daughter. I will never see this man again and in my prayers I hope his daughter survives her illness.

So I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and enjoyable holiday season and hope to continue to see some of you at the local races.

Happy Walking.............Michael Hoffer

Racewalking down memory lane

January 1985 - The first annual Brown Masters indoor meet draws 16 entrants in the 1500-meter racewalk. Brian Savilonis, competing in the 30-34 age bracket, takes top honors in 7:15.

January 1986 - The Brown Masters race lengthens to a mile, Brian moves into an older age group and wins again, this time in 7:07.

January 1987 - Brian continues to get faster, winning the Brown mile in 6:56. Deeper in the pack, the keeping of results grows chaotic, with several of us being assigned other people's times. Myrna Finn, the first woman finisher, appears in the records in the official program for years to come as "M. Firk."

2004 race calendar

As always, our listing of racewalking events is not engraved in stone. Some races are added during the season, others are changed or canceled. It's always best to verify the time, date and location with the race director before setting out.


11- 1 mile, USATF-NE Masters T&F meet, Brown University, Providence RI 401-863-1041
11- Dartmouth Relays, Hanover NH .646.3821
18- 3K, Greater Boston TC Invitational at Harvard University. 9:30 a.m. 617 282-5537


16- 28th annual Presidents' Day 3.7-miler, 2 p.m., D.W. Field Park, Brockton, MA. One of our favorite traditions. Group meal to follow at nearby restaurant.

22- 3K, USATF New England Indoor Championships, Harvard U. Contact USA Track & Field New England office, 617-566-7600.

28-29- USA National Indoor T&F Championships, Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center, Boston. 3000m women, 5000m men. Qualifying times. Contact USA Track & Field New England office, 617-566-7600.


28- USA Masters Indoor Nationals, Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center, Boston. Women's 3K, 12:45 p.m. Men's 3K, 1:30 p.m. Contact USA Track & Field New England office, 617-566-7600.


11- 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)

25- Clamdigger 8K, Westerly, RI. Joe Light, 401-596-3173.


9 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)


6-5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)

13 -National 15K, Lincoln, RI. Contact USA Track & Field New England office, 617-566-7600.

20- 3K, USATF-NE Outdoor Championships, MIT, Cambridge MA. Contact USA Track & Field New England office, 617-566-7600.


4 - Dedham 5-miler, Dedham, MA. An unjudged walking division as part of the town's holiday road race.

11 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)

??? -3K, Bay State Games. Contact USA Track & Field New England office, 617-566-7600.

23-24 (tentative) - Easter Masters 5K championship, Springfield College, MA. Contact USA Track & Field New England office, 617-566-7600.


8-5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)


12 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)


17 - East Region one-hour, Bentley College, Waltham MAContact USA Track & Field New England office, 617-566-7600.

??? - Connecticut Racewalkers 10K. Contact USA Track & Field New England office, 617-566-7600.

NEW contacts

In an effort to promote racewalking, several club members have volunteered to serve as New England Walkers contacts. Our contact people can try to help new racewalkers and newly relocated veteran racewalkers connect with our community in any way feasible. This could range from offering to give pointers or join in a training session, if time and logistics permit, to simply spreading the word about where the next race or clinic will be.

Our NEW contacts so far are:

Bill Harriman
Tewksbury, MA
Tom Knatt Concord, MA 978-369-7912
Bob Ullman Nashua, NH 603-897-0241
Bob Keating Nashua, NH 603-883-6903
Brian Savilonis Worcester/Princeton, MA 508-831-5686 (W)
Heidi Duskey Medford, MA 781-395-6409
Charlie Mansbach Newton, MA 617-964-8438


Phone any time

For up-to-the-minute information on race schedules, clinics and other events, call the New England Walkers hotline at: 781-433-7142

Leftover race results

USATF-NE 1 Hour Racewalking Championship - Sept. 21, Bentley College Track, Waltham MA. A good, well-organized event, spearheaded by Pat Yingling and Heidi Duskey. We look forward to a repeat and to even broader participation next Oct. 17.

Carly Lochala (16) Mt.Blue (ME) HS 9826 m
Holly Wenninger (39) Athletics East 9185
Lauren Forgues (15) Boothbay (ME) HS 8820
Joanne Harriman (60) NE Walkers 8750
Pat Godfrey, (57) Cambridge SU 8436
Dottie Fine, (59) Cambridge SU 7993
Marisa Haggert, (15) Caribou (ME) HS 7826
Florence Dagata, (71) NEW DQ
Alexandra Schweitzer, (50) CSURW DQ
Patrick Collier, (34) Athletics East 10310
Aaron Whitten, (17) Mt.Blue (ME) HS 9734
Bob Ullman, (54) NE Walkers 9718
Charlie Mansbach, (58) NE Walkers 9072
Matt Forgues, (11) Wiscasset Rec 8731
Tom White, (71) NE Walkers 8638
Bill McCann, (74) NE Walkers 8553
Ken Mattsson, (39) Cambridge SU 8410
Mark Dennett, (18) Sacred Heart U DQ

Connecticut 10k/Jr 5k Championships - Oct 26, New London, CT. Nicely conducted race by Maryanne Torrellas and company for our final Grand Prix event of the year.

1 53:19 Patrick Collier(34) Wakefield, MA.
2 57:06 Joe Light(56) Westerly, RI.
3 59:07 Andy Cable(38) Shelton, CT.
4 59:35 Bob Barrett(69) Smallwood, NY.
5 1:04:20 Richard Ruquist(65) Grafton, MA.
6 1:05:22 Charles Mansbach(59) Newton, MA
7 1:07:24 Ginger Armstrong(41) Canterbury, CT.
8 1:10:01 Bill McCann(74) Longmeadow, MA.
9 1:12:11 Lou Free(73) Uncasville, CT.
10 1:14:46 Gus Davis(65) Orange, CT.
Jr men's 5k
27:11 Mark Dennett(18) Sacred Heart Univ.
Jr women's 5k
34:14 Kara Steele(13) New Haven CT.
Girls 3000m
33:43 Brianna Steele(10) New Haven, CT.

Judges: Geoff Bye, Dianna Gladden, Maryanne Torrellas (Joe Light and Andy Cable for the 5K)
All-around assistance: Richard Huie, Anne Percival, John Palmer

New England Walkers 10K - West Concord, MA, Nov. 16. Our traditional season-ending ritual. Racers follow the blue arrows on pie plates posted around Tom Knatt's neighborhood. Course monitors (no judges) make the rounds by automobile. People who come just for the post-race meal drift in bearing covered dishes. A good time is had by all.

1 Joe Light (56) Westerly RI 57:57
2 Bob Ullman (55) Nashua NH 58:37
3 Bill Harriman (56) Tewksbury MA 1:00:00
4 Charlie Mansbach (59) Newton MA 1:05:42
5 Thomas Knatt (63) Concord MA 1:07:02
6 Richard Ruquist (66) Grafton MA 1:08:59
7 Joanne Harriman (60) Tewksbury MA 1:09:28
8 Michelle Bouchard (50) Concord MA 1:09:38
9 Jack Finian (70) Bow, NH 1 :18:07

Lost somewhere in the wilds and rescued by search party: Pamela Hoss, Brookline MA, and Tom White, Milton MA

The New England Walkers

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