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New England Walkers Newsletter
March 2004

Racewalking, indoors and out

One more indoor competition remains on our early-season calendar - the National Masters Track and field 3K Championships on Sunday, March 28, at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. Those who have yet to sign up should contact the New England Track and field office at 617-566-7600 or obtain an application form at Volunteers are needed to help score laps. If you are available, please contact Bob Ullman or Wendee Glick at

After that, we move outdoors.

* Year Six of the popular monthly 5-kilometer races at Danehy Park in Cambridge, MA, begins on Sunday, April 11. The races are judged but no one is disqualified; the judges offer encouragement and useful advice. Further details are in our race calendar.

* Our first outdoor Grand Prix event, the Clamdigger 5-miler, will be held at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday, April 25, in Westerly, RI. A race form is available at . For further information, contact Joe Light at 401-596-3173.

* Then comes our major event of the year, the National 15-Kilometer Racewalking Championship, to be held on Sunday, June 13, in Lincoln, RI. Steve Vaitones offers this interim report:

There have been a lot more track and field events overall this winter, so some projects are just a bit slow off the starting line. One of them is the USA 15K National racewalk on Sunday, June 13, in Lincoln RI. There were some issues with the facility and at one point the event was in the position of having to change locations, but it looks like we're back on track.

While the one hour and two hour nationals have been held in the association many times, those event fields have been small, and the event is contained quite nicely within a track. This race will be on the road, and though it is a closed course, will still require far more help than the track races. While the club should be represented in the competition, please consider lending a hand with the conduct. With as many as 100 walkers potentially on the course - and we've had some responses from some of the country's top walkers who will use this as a tune-up for the Olympic Trials - we'll need to put on a good show.

The plans are for the race to begin at 10:15 or 10:30 a.m. - following the two 5K New England Championship road runs and using parts of the same course. It will be an out-and-back 1 kilometer, which will require some lap counting help. Justin and Steve will be going down for final measurement of the course in the not too distant future. Right now, we will get most of the race equipment from the USATF-NE office or from Dave McGillivrey Sports Management (directors of the runs). Post-race refreshments will likely be supplied by the run - but our late starting time (and finish time) relative to the run will take some negotiating on the availability. There will be plenty of toilet facilities and plenty of parking.

By mid April, an email will go out to all club members, and information will be posted on .

Please consider helping out with the event once competitive teams have been sorted out.

Another call for volunteers

Course marshals are needed for the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge on Wednesday, June 2. The 3.5-mile race begins at 7:15 PM. Volunteers will receive a T-shirt, extend their New England Walkers membership through 2005, and earn some money for the club. Please contact Justin Kuo at 617-731-9889 or at

The penultimate snail-mail newsletter

In the interests of timeliness and efficiency, the New England Walkers will discontinue mass mailings of the printed newsletter by summertime and instead rely on the Internet to keep club members informed.

Many members already read the newsletter online on our web page at


And members who have subscribed to the newalkers electronic list receive an e-mail notification when a new newsletter has been posted. Most of the New England Walkers are already subscribed.

To subscribe, users go to:

or they may look for the "Subscribe to newalkers" and Yahoo Groups icon on our home page.

Wide participation in these electronic outlets will assure that everyone is receiving up-to-the-minute information on racewalking activity in our region.

We will mail a final issue in May and then switch to an all-electronic format.

We have heard so far from two subscribers who do not have Internet access and still wish to receive paper copies of the newsletter. Any others in this category should inform Charlie Mansbach, 25 Larkspur Road, Newton, MA 02468. He will see to it that printouts will come to you in the mail.

Race results

National indoor championships -- Feb. 28-29, Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center, Boston. A third straight title for Joanne and a personal best as she prepares for the big outdoor season.

Women's 3K
1 Joanne Dow adidas 12:36.76
2 Michelle Rohl Moving Comfort 13:10.79
3 Amber Antonia New York 13:28.38
4 Jolene Moore Parkside 13:32.46
5 Sam Cohen Parkside 13:40.15
6 Deborah Huberty New Balance 13:53.74
7 Bobbi Chapman unattached 14:00.89
8 Loretta Schuellein Walk USA 14:58.06
Marcia Gutsche Rutledge NEW DQ
Men's 5K
1 Tim Seaman New York 19:30.59
2 John Nunn U.S. Army 19:35.58
3 Kevin Eastler U.S. Air Force 19:50.36
4 Curt Clausen New York 20:35.51
5 Patrick Collier Athletics East 22:34.12
Dave McGovern New Balance DNF

New England indoor 3K championships -- February 22, Harvard University track. Good turnout as part of USATF New England Indoor track and field meet. Joanne set a new meet standard for the event, while Marcia qualified for the following week's nationals and Patrick became the first male race walker since Mark Fenton nearly 20 years ago to qualify for the nationals with his performance in the men's race.

1 Joanne Dow (39) adidas 12:53.95
2 Marcia Gutsche Rutledge (42) NEW 14:27.95
3 Kate Dickinson (18) Maine RW 14:54.79
4 Maryanne Torrellas Conn RW 15:23.07
5 Lauren Forgues (15) Maine RW 16:35.48
6 Heather Cyr Maine RW 17:52.91
7 Joanne Harriman (61) NEW 19:13.32
8 Pat Godfrey Cambridge Sports 19:55.74
1 Patrick Collier Athletics East 12:37.61
2 Zachary Pollinger (17) NJ Striders 12:44.81
3 Troy Clark (17) Maine RW 13:53.14
4 Adam Staier (20) Maine RW 13:58.42
5 Bob Keating (56) NEW 14:26.72
6 Kyle Libby (18) Maine RW 14:47.37
7 Padrig Gleason (17) Maine RW 14:54.72
8 Mark Dennett Sacred Heart U 16:13.55
9 Alexander Price Unattached 17:00.81
10 Thomas Knatt (63) NEW 18:22.38
11 Stephen McCullough (42) Unat. 18:42.73
12 Charles Mansbach (59) NEW 18:46.26
13 El-Hassan Kouchaou (46) MRW 19:13.12
Jack Finan NEW DQ

28th annual Kathy & Ken Hayden Presidents' Day 3.7-ish Mile Racewalk -- D.W. Field Park, Brockton MA, February 16. No new faces, but a nice turnout of familiar ones (almost everyone in the field competed in this race in 1992).

1 Bob Ullman (55) Nashua NH 34:08
2 Steve Vaitones (48) Waltham 34:38
3 Paul Schell (66) Malden 38:12
4 Charles Mansbach (59) Newton 38:24
5 Justin Kuo (49) Brookline 39:16
6 Thomas Knatt (63) W Concord 39:52*
7 Joanne Harriman (61) Tewksbury 40:22
8 Evelyn Bandlow (50) W Bridgewater 40:34
9 Dick Ruquist (66) Grafton 40:55
  Bill Harriman Tewksbury PSE*

PSE (Prudently Stopping Early) - Bill Harriman, to rest his ailing hamstring

*Tom, transfixed by a Public Radio broadcast, missed his exit and got to the starting line after the rest of us were out of sight.

Greater Boston Track Club 3K -- Jan. 18. Part of the annual track meet at the Harvard University track.

1. Troy Clark 13:53.35
2. Kyle Libby 14:48.90
3. Daniel Pendergast 15:33.42
4. Padraic Gleason 16:35.80
5. Mark Dennett 16:51.75
6. Bill Harriman 16:52.28
7. Matthew Forgues 17:19.61
8. Tom Knatt 17:47.87
1. Laura Feller 15:26.66
2. Carly Lochala 15:35.67
3. Lauren Forgues 15:47.71
4. Kate Dickinson 16:27.26
5. Joanne Harriman 19:12.41
6. Marissa Hessert 19:18.14
7. Heather Cyr 19:19.39

Brown Masters mile -- Jan. 11. Our first event of the year; part of the New England Masters Indoor Championships at Brown University in Providence.

1. Maryanne Torrellas (45) 7:46.85
2. Joanne Harriman (61) 9:55.59
3. Mary Alice Stookey (71) 12:18.38
1. Brian Savilonis (53) 8:15.56
2. Joe Light (56) 8:16.52
3. Bill Harriman (56) 8:31.81
4. Charlie Mansbach (59) 9:46.38
5. Bob Beaudet (70) 10:02.23
6. Spencer Parrish (67) 10:44.05
7. Jack Finan (72) 10:44.2
8. Bill McCann (74) 10:59.32

Racewalking down memory lane

Steve Vaitones has combed through the archives for this look at the 1927 New England Indoor Championship:

There was not a separate meet at the time; different championship events were added to the schedules of various big meets of the season, and may even have had an open championship held as part of a high school festival.

Meet uncertain
1 Mile Walk
1. E.G. Wilson, BAA;
2. George Jamieson, Dorchester Club; time 6m 59 1-5s

1927 BAA Games One Mile Walk (Handicap)
1. Mike Pecora, Brooklyn, scratch;
2. Willie Plant, Morningside A.C. (NY), scratch
3. Harry Hinkel, New York A.C., scratch
Time: 6 min. 34 1-5 secs.

Handicap walks and runs were popular in the day; there was even an official New England handicapper. He would determine the time or distance each competitor would start ahead of the top ranked individual - the 'scratch man' or men, who would be the only one covering the entire race distance or who would start last. Such handicap races were held in both road and track events, and prizes were awarded to the winner and for the fastest time (which could be far down the results if the day's handicapping was off)

This race above found all the scratch men taking the top places.

Another note from days gone by - most track results reported just the winning time.

2004 race calendar

As always, our listing of racewalking events is not engraved in stone. Some races are added during the season, others are changed or canceled. It's always best to verify the time, date and location with the race director before setting out.


28 -- USA Masters Indoor Nationals, Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center, Boston. Women's 3K, 12:45 p.m. Men's 3K, 1:30 p.m. New England track and field office, 617-566-7600.


11- 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)

25 - Clamdigger 8K, Westerly, RI. Joe Light, 401-596-3173.


9 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)

Wednesday night races at MIT may be making a comeback, reports Steve Vaitones. The tentative schedule is for one-mile races at 7 p.m. on May 12, 19, 26. New England track and field office, 617-566-7600.


6 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)

13 -National 15K, Lincoln, RI New England track and field office, 617-566-7600.

19 - New England Junior Olympics, Durham NH. 1500m walk age 18 and under

20 - 3K, USATF-NE Outdoor Championships, Cambridge, MA, 20 minute limit. Late afternoon start time. New England track and field office, 617-566-7600.

26 - USATF East Region TF Meet, New Jersey. 5000 meters


4 - Dedham 5-miler, Dedham, MA. An unjudged walking division as part of the town's holiday road race.

11 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)

12 - Bay State Games, MIT, Cambridge MA. 3000 meters, 9:00 a.m.


8- 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)

??? Eastern Masters 5K championship, Springfield College, MA. New England track and field office, 617-566-7600.


12 - 5K, Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA, 10 a.m. Contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.)


17 - East Region one-hour, Bentley College, Waltham MA New England track and field office, 617-566-7600.

??? - Connecticut Racewalkers 10K

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