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5K series resumes

Weve listed it as the New England Walkers 5K. Ken Mattsson prefers to call it the USATF-New England Developmental 5K Racewalk series. Bill Harriman simply refers to it as the Danehy Park race. By any name, its one of the most popular regular events on our calendar, and it resumes on Sunday, March 12.

These low-key 5-kilometer races, held at 9:30 a.m. on the second Sunday of every month from March through October in Danehy Park in Cambridge, MA, offer good competition and coaching. The races are judged but no one is disqualified semicolon the judges instead offer encouragement and useful advice. We hope to see you there on March 12, as a walker or as a volunteer judge. For more information, contact Bill Harriman at 978-640-9676 (before 9:30 p.m.).


Our other major event of the month is the National Masters Indoor 3K Championship at 1 p.m. Sunday, March 26 at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. To avoid a late fee, you must submit your application by March 6. For further information, contact the New England Track and Field Office at 617-566-7600.

Race results

Kathy and Ken Hayden 3.7ish-miler -- D.W. Field Park, Brockton, MA, Feb. 21. A successful Year 25 of our Presidents Day tradition. Again, we found the gates locked to vehicular traffic, which meant: a.) We had to park a healthy distance away, b.) Racers had to either climb over or go around two swing gates on the course, and c.) Free of danger, the emboldened resident ducks and geese spread themselves over the entire road as our course passed the water edge, forcing us to navigate around them, too. But the weather was nice, the course was impeccably plowed after the snowstorm of two days before, and our usual strong turnout gave us a good start to the outdoor season.

1. Brian Savilonis (49) Greene RI 31:05
2. Stan Sosnowski (49) W. Kingston RI 31:27
3. Joe Light (52) Westerly RI 31:43
4. Bill Harriman (52) Tewskbury MA 33:32
5. Steve Vaitones (44) Waltham MA 33:49
6. Paul Schell (62) Malden MA 37:05
7. Charlie Mansbach (55) Newton MA 37:13
8. Justin Kuo (45) Brookline MA 39:15
9. Tom Knatt (59) Concord MA 40:07
10. Steve McAvoy (48) Everett MA 43:13
11. Jim Brown (51) Dover MA 43:39
12. Tom McDonough (75) Nahant MA 47:38
13. Luciano Spinoso (32) Boston MA 56:07
14. John Robinson (74) Lynn MA 52:57
1. Annie Montgomery (52) Concord MA 38:22
2. Mary Flanagan (40) Marshfield MA 38:40
3. Pamela Hoss Brookline MA 40:08
4. Sheila Danahey (48) Mystic CT 42:27
5. Suzanne Brown (49) Raynham MA 42:55
6. Michelle McDonough (34) Boston MA 56:07
7. Andrea Ganno (32) Boston MA 64:27