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2006 Tuft's 10K for Women
General Information and Responsibilities for Course Marshals, Food/Chip Collectors, Mile Markers/Timers and Water Table

The 30th Tuft's 10K for Women will be held on Monday, October 9, 2006. Please print and read these instructions on our volunteer duties and responsibilities.

When to arrive & Where to Park

New England Walker and Brookline HS XC volunteers should check-in at the corner of Beacon and Charles Street. Volunteers working the Pre-race Food should check-in before 8:30 a.m. Course marshals volunteers should check-in between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. with Justin Kuo.

The volunteer table will be set up at the intersection on the Public Garden side. Each worker signs an index card with a waiver, name, social security number, address, home and work phone numbers and the name of your club (NEW/BHSXC). Names will be checked-off the master list and given a T-shirt.

You are responsible for getting yourself from the check-in to your marshal position. Folks with assignments at the finish line may park on a non-race street near the Boston Common before 9:00 a.m. The Boston Common Garage will be open until 11:00 a.m. Persons with assignments on the course may double park at the corner of Beacon and Charles while they check-in.

What to wear

Dress for the weather. You will be given a T-shirt which will identify you as a race volunteer. Please wear your T-shirt so you may be identified as a volunteer.


Transportation to posts on the race course is your responsibility. At 10:00 a.m., the Conventures van will make one sweep of the course to drop off any miscellaneous volunteers who have missed their ride.

Marshal Check-In

Each worker will sign an index card with a waiver, name, social security number, address, home and work phone numbers. They will be checked-off the master list and given a T-shirt.


At 10:00 a.m. Conventures will access any areas which show lack of volunteers . If Conventures have extra people unassigned, they will be assigned to an area in need.


Striken Runner: If you encounter a srtiken runners, alert the nearest police officer. You may assist the runner off the course, but it is essential that you return immediately to your post.

Crowd Control: Encourage spectators to stay on the curbside and to cross the street only when there is a large break in the runner stream.

Marshals play a critical role along the course. Please be alert and agressive!

Here are our assignments.

Some marshal positions have already assigned. The other positions will be assigned when the volunteers check-in. Please remain at your position until the final walkers and the sweeper ambulance has passed. After that, you are free to leave.

Team "C"

This is a super-crital assignment. It involves the path for the runners under the Charles MBTA subway overpass. Runners proceed from Charles Street, (running against the normal traffic flow) and across the Longfellow Bridge (running with the normal traffic flow). You will be working with the State Police (MBTA - Lower Basin) and you will need to instruct the police where the runners will travel. Use a bullhorn to announce:

Runners, please watch your step, change in running surface.

Note: in September 2005, the Charles/MGH MBTA station began their accessibility/expansion project. Roads used in the past may not be accessible. Just days before the 2006 race, construction began on the traffic islands in Charles Circle. The course has been remeasured so the runners pass under the left-most path under the MBTA station. The runners will go against the normal flow of traffic. The revised course map will be forthcoming. Check back here for details.

Volunteer #11 (Justin Kuo)
Entrance to Charles Circle
Volunteer #121 (Mike LaRocca)
Charles Circle Island
Volunteer #13
Charles Circle Intersection wtih Cambridge Street
(With caution tape for sidewalk in front of CVS)
Use bullhorn announce to runners:

Watch the curbs on the right and left hand side – push left.
Volunteer #14
On ramp to Longfellow Bridge
Volunteer #15
On Longfellow Bridge
Volunteer #16
Before turn off from Longfellow Bridge

Team "D"

Team "D" must direct runners onto Memorial Drive (heading west) from the Longfellow Bridge. The runners path is the same as the path automobile traffic would take.

Volunteer #17 (Maureen Danahy)
Exit at Longfellow Bridge (runners turn right).
Use arrows to direct runners down to Memorial Drive.
Volunteer #18 (Richard Moore)
Underpass, Commercial merges with Memorial
Volunteer #19 (Ralph Robinson)
On Memorial Drive, after the underpass
Volunteer #20
Wadsworth and Memorial Drive
Volunteer #21
Ames and Memorial Drive

Team "F"

Volunteer #26
Audrey and Memorial Drive Westbound
Volunteer #27
Amesbury and Memorial Drive Westbound
Volunteer #28
Vassar and Memorial Drive Westbound (Display sign to keep strollers to one side.)
Volunteer #29 (Captain)
Divider and Reed overpass (Memorial Drive)

Team F is 2.7 miles from the volunteer meeting place in Boston. Give yourself some time to get there. Shortest route is to cross into Cambrisge at the Mass. Ave. Bridge.

Team "I"

This is a super-critical assignment - potential records can be made or lost at this point. It involves setting the barrels up, and guiding runners around the turnaround point in the eastbound lane of Memorial Drive. The turnaround is across AMES STREET, near the Walker Memorial Building, and near the M.I.T. Sailing Pavillion. In 2005, the course was relocated. Click here for to see where to place the new turnaround point.

Prior to 2005, there were 2 PK nails in center of the road and a big "T" is painted at the nails. A barrell was placed on the nails and the runners will run around the barrel with their right hand closest to the barrell, [that's a clockwise direction]. Bernie Hanley helped coordinate the setup of stanchions/barrels and supplied his own rope, gloves and rod for winding up the rope after the race. Tolya Kuo took a few photos while setting up the barrels for the 2001 race. Click here to view his images and timestamps.

In 2005, the turnaround point was relocated to east of the MIT sailing pavillion, in a spot that lines up with the east end of a manhole cover in the road. Be sure the turnaround cone is placed on the dashed traffic center lines in the roadway. After a short sabatical, Bernie will be return in 2006 to help. Although he may have some of his own equipment, please be sure to take with you all the material you may need. You'll need one spool with at least 1350 feet of rope. I transferred the white polypropelene rope from the flimsy cardboard spool to a garden hose spool. It should make it easier to set and retrieve the rope. Bring along gloves.

The roadway is very narrow at the hairpin-turn. Instruct strollers to stay to the outside while taking the hairpin-turn.

Volunteer #38
Eastbound on Memorial Drive, in the Mass. Ave underpass
Volunteer #39 (Carol Kuo)
Eastbound on Memorial Drive, at the exit of Mass. Ave. underpass
Volunteer #40 (Anna Kuo)
Eastbound on Memorial Drive, at the turnaround, with Bullhorn
Volunteer #41 (Priscilla Frappier)
Eastbound on Memorial Drive, at the turnaround (need arrow sign)
Volunteer #42 (Richard Ruquist)
Eastbound on Memorial Drive, at the turnaround (need arrow sign)
Volunteer #43 (Captain: Justin Kuo)
Eastbound on Memorial Drive, at the turnaround, with Bullhorn

Team I's hairpin turn is 1.8 miles from the volunteer meeting location. The shortest path is to cross at the Mass. Ave Bridge into Cambridge.

Team "K"

Volunteer 48
Beacon and Massachusetts Ave.
Volunteer 49
Marlboro and Massachusetts Ave.
Volunteer 50
Commonwealth outbound & Massachusetts Ave.
Volunteer 51 (Captain)
Commonwealth inbound & Massachusetts Ave. (need arrow sign to direct runners to turn left onto Commonwealth Ave.)

Team K's location is 1.2 miles from the volunteer meeting location.


A total of 38 volunteers will work the food area. Most (24) will work in the morning. The rest (14) in the afternoon.

Our club will supply 10 volunteers.
At 12:15, the 10 volunteers from our club will will leave Food and head to chip collection.

At 10:00 am – The Conventures Captain in charge of Food will assign 2 Volunteers to deliver 200 pieces of fruit, 200 Fruit bars and 200 bottles of Vitamin Water to the 1K Walk for Kids.


  1. Assist in food set-up; check-in with Conventures, Inc. staff member assigned to food area.
    (Conventures to provide food distribution map to Volunteer Team Captains.)
  2. Distribute product to runners (one item per runner.) Food items consist of: two fruits, fruit bar and granola bar.
  3. Assist with the breakdown of the area
  4. Clean-up, including pick-up of ground trash

Chip Collection

A total of 15 volunteers will work this area. Ten (10) volunteers are from our club. Five (5) are from the Melrose Running Club.


  1. At 12:15 pm – Report to the Chip Collection banner near the Frog Pond for briefing with a Conventures representative.
  2. Make sure all runners return their chip before exiting through the barriers.
  3. Be polite, but BE AGGRESSIVE.

Mile Markers/Timers

Our club will be providing all six (6) volunteers for this position.

MILE #1 West of Longfellow Bridge, at 3rd expansion joint on section over water.

MILE #2 Just past Kappa Sigma fraternity (on left) 4th tree on left after median strip

MILE #3 Middle of intersection of Memorial Drive and Amesbury Street

MILE #4 Past MIT Sailing Pavilion, near pole on right without light on top

MILE#5 In front of 294 Commonwealth Avenue

MILE #6 Corner of Boylston Street and Charles Street at Walk / Don't Walk signal pole
closer to Charles Street.

Here are special instructions for the MILE #6 volunteer:

NEED TO SYNCHRONIZE MILE 6 CLOCK AT START OF RACE. Make sure you get a stopwatch at vol. Check –in.
The following outlines the procedure to synchronize the clock:

Each mile point is painted in orange paint along the course.


  1. Guard split time clocks.
  2. Hold Mile Marker Sign
  3. Report to positions by 10:30 a.m.

Water Table

Our club will be providing a total of 19 volunteers for the positions described below:

9 volunteers are assigned to Memorial Drive Westbound in front of the
Hyatt Regency

2 packs of poster board
2 box cutters
4 tables
356 Gallons of water
5 cases of cups
2 boxes of trash bags
2 packs of poster board
2 box cutters

10 volunteers are assigned to Memorial Drive Eastbound in front of the
Hyatt Regency

2 packs of poster board
2 box cutters
4 tables
347 Gallons of water
4 cases of cups
2 boxes of trash bags
2 packs of poster board
2 box cutters

For each water table our responsibilities are:

Course Map

tuft's 10k course map

Course Map - detailed

Click here to view the Tuft's 10K course and assignments, including mile marker and meeting locations, on a Google Map.

Click here to download the just the KML file for viewing on Google Earth.

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That's it. If you have any questions, please contact Justin Kuo (617-731-9889) or e-mail at On race day, you may reach me on my mobile phone at 617-365-3123. Thank you. -- Justin