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2006 National Masters Indoor Championships 3000m race walk
Boston, MA
Sunday, March 26, 2006

Here are the results of the 2006 National Masters Indoor Championships 3000m race walk held Sunday, March 26, 2006 in Boston, MA.
Race walk officials included: Ron Daniel, Maryanne Daniel, Tom Eastler, Tom Knatt, Steve Vaitones, Pat Yingling and Justin Kuo.

W55 3000 Meter Race Walk
3Godfrey, PatriciaW59Cambridge Sp21:26.13
W60 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Steigerwalt, JoleneW62San Diego Tr18:28.57
2Frable, KathleenW60Unattached19:08.86
3Harriman, JoanneW63New England 19:43.19
W75 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Marrs, KatherineW77Unattached21:34.89
W80 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Gordon, MiriamW80Unattached23:08.58
M40 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Burns, DavidM41Unattached15:59.75
--Vayo, WilliamM41Walk USADQ
M50 3000 Meter Race Walk
1McClung, JeffreyM50Unattached18:32.61
2Blank, PeterM51Potomac Vall22:29.62
M55 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Keating, RobertM59New England15:23.02
2Ullman, RobertM57New England16:37.33
--Harriman, BillM58New EnglandDNF
--Light, JoeM58New EnglandDQ
M60 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Frable, NormanM60Unattached16:21.98
2Carmines, JamesM62Potomac Vall16:37.19
3Sorrenti, EdoardoM62Park Racewal16:53.97
4Dubow, JoelM63Philadelphia20:13.05
M65 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Johnson, PaulM68Florida Athl17:07.44
2Knatt, ThomasM65New England18:57.61
3Parrish, SpencerM69Connecticut Race21:34.24
--Davis, GustaveM68Connecticut RaceDQ
M70 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Bray, JackM73Marin Race W17:17.97
2Dubois, AlfredM74Unattached20:00.42
--Hughes, R BurtonM72PhiladelphiaDQ
M75 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Starr, JohnM77Unattached18:42.33
W40 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Armstrong, GingerW43Connecticut Race18:33.96
W45 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Daniel, MaryanneW47Connecticut Race15:32.32
W50 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Lyness, StephanieW50Connecticut Race16:25.93
2Duskey, HeidiW53New England20:08.17
W55 3000 Meter Race Walk
1Eichel, YokoW58So Cal Track17:04.52
2Geer, PanselutaW59Shore Athlet17:52.39
39 Oakland Road
Brookline, MA 02445-6700
United States

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