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2006 CTRW Association Championships Clinton, CT

November 18, 2006

1Theron Kissinger36CTRW/NB46:321stM, 1stCT
2Ginger Armstrong44CTRW1.05:261stF, 1st CT
3Charles Mansbach62NEW1:06:12 2ndM
4Kara Steele16CTRW1.06:57 2ndF, 2nd CT, 1st JR
5Bill McCann77NEW1:13:37 3rdM
6Gus Davis69CTRW1:14:34 4thM, 2nd CT
Concurrent 1 hour
1Ginger Armstrong44CTRW9122m
2Charles Mansbach62NEW9047m
3Kara Steele16CTRW8981m
4Bill McCann77NEW8110m
5Gus Davis69CTRW8088m
1600m Fun Walk (unjudged)
1Luke Torrellas12Clinton, CT12:18
2Jenny Kelsey64Clinton, CT12:46
3Nichole Proto8Branford, CT14:05
4Chuck Dolecki76Springfield Walkers14:05
5Nichole Proto8Brandford, CT14:05
6Bridget Steele7East Haven, CT15:53

Judges: Joe Light, Joe Steele, Ron Daniel. Maryanne Daniel

Many thanks to all of our volunteers!!! Ann Percival, Jean Tenan and her son, Janice Watkins and John
39 Oakland Road
Brookline, MA 02445-6700
United States

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