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Connecticut 10K Championship Results
Connecticut College, New London CT
October 8, 2000

Conditions: 57F Light wind

1 Adam Staier 16M Farmington,ME ME.RW 52:52 1st Jr M *
2 Andy Cable 35M Shelton,CT CT.RW 55:50 1st open
3 Dave Baldwin 57M Harrington ME ME.RW 56:52 1st Mast M
4 Marsha Gutschie 39W Newton,MA 56:53 1st open W
5 Lee Chase 46W Glastonbury,CT CT.RW 57:43 2nd Mast W
6 Jean Tenan 37W Bristol,CT. CT.RW 58:10 2nd open W
7 Anne Favolise 17W Columbia, ME ME.RW 59:07 1st Jr W*
8 Ann Percival 42W New Britain CT CT.RW 60:18 2nd Mast W
9 Stan Sosnowski 50M Mystic, CT NE.RW 61:56 2nd Mast M
10 Ginger Armstrong 38W Taftsville,CT CT.RW 63:30 3rd open W
11 Stephen Mcullough 39M Rocky Hill,CT 64:56 2nd open M
12 Gus Davis 62M Orange,CT. CT.RW 70:23 3rd Mast M
13 Lou Free 70M Uncasville,CT. CT.RW 70:48 4th Mast M


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