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Results of Danehy Park 5-kilometer Racewalk
Cambridge, MA
Sunday 06/03/01


Here are the results of the Danehy Park 5K developmental racewalk, 
held on Sunday June 3, 2001 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The walk was 
officiated by Charlie Mansbach, Carol Kuo, Joanne and Bill Harriman. 
The racewalk is the third of seven development walks scheduled for 
every 2nd Sunday though October 2001. Then next development walk is 
scheduled for Sunday, July 3rd.  Thank you.

Justin Kuo, USATF - New England Race Walk Chair.

Men's & Women's 5 kilometer Racewalk
1 Bob Ullman (M52), Nashua NH           28:36
2 Richard Ruquist (M63), Cambridge MA   30:29
3 Tom Knatt (M61), Concord MA           32:26
4 Holly Wenninger (W36), Malden MA      33:08
5 Pamela Hoss (W52), Brookline MA       34:39
6 Justin Kuo (M46), Brookline MA        34:39

New England Walkers
39 Oakland Road
Brookline, MA 02445-6700
United States

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