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Danehy Park 5k
Cambridge, MA
Sunday, May 9, 2004

Dan Pendergast came all the way from Farmington Maine to nail a PR and men's course record with a quick 23:39 on a cold, windy morning. Dan is the first product of the Maine high school racewalk program to come to Danehy and flashed the fine speed and technique that so many of the Maine walkers feature. Holly Wenninger won the women's division. A total of 13 walkers finished before the rain ruined the post-race clinic.

1Dan Pendergast22New Sweden ME23:39
2Steve Vaitones48Waltham MA28:06
3Holly Wenninger39Malden MA31:37
4Justin Kuo49Brookline MA32:29
5Pat Godfrey57Winthrop MA32:55
6Bob Campbell59Merrick L. I. NY33:20
7Heidi Duskey51Medford MA33:40
8Pamela Hoss55Brookline MA33:48
9Bob Kittredge59Newton MA35:48
10Tom White71Milton MA36:13
11Mari Ryan49Watertown MA36:25
12Pat Yingling60W. Roxbury MA36:25
13Christine Rafal37Cambridge MA40:08
39 Oakland Road
Brookline, MA 02445-6700
United States

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