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Danehy Park 5k
Cambridge, MA
Sunday, July 10, 2004

Joanne Dow came down from Manchester NH for a final tuneup before the Olympic Trials 20K next Sunday in Sacramento and shattered her own course record of 22:31 with a blistering 22:18 for 5K. She blasted through the first kilometer in 4:14 and went on to post splits of 8:37, 13:08, and 17:44.

Rich McElvery also made the trip down from New Hampshire to win the men's division with a solid 26:03 on a warm, breezy morning.

1Joanne Dow40Manchester NH22:18 course record
2Rich McElvery47Mount Vernon NH26:03
3Ken Mattsson40Cambridge MA30:41
4Tom Knatt63Concord MA30:49
5Emmett Schmarson53Milton MA31:08
6Justin Kuo49Brookline MA31:54
7Jay Diener56Hampton NH34:13
8Christine Rafal37Somerville MA37:34
39 Oakland Road
Brookline, MA 02445-6700
United States

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