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20th Annual Concord 10-kilometer Handicap Racewalk
Sunday, November 13, 2005

Here are the results of the 20th Annual Concord 10-kilometer Handicap Race walk held on Sunday, November 13, 2005, in Concord MA. The event was observed but not judged.

This was a handicap event. Each race walker was asked to estimate or predict the time it would take them to complete the race. Based on this estimate, each was given a head start of an according proportion. This meant that the fastest race walkers (assuming an honest estimate) left the starting line last. Then they would be in a position to have to catch the rest of the field. Therefore, if all race walkers gave an accurate prediction of their pace, they would all be nearing the finish line at approximately the same time. The race walkers are listed in the order that they actually crossed the finish line. The last column titled "Actual" is the actual time it took to complete the course.

1Dick RuquistGrafton MA1:09:063:001:06:06
2Beth KatcherNewton MA1:10:410:001:10:41
3Bill HarrimanTewskbury MA1:10:547:001:03:54
4Joe LightWesterly RI1:11:5911:001:00:59
5Bob UllmanManchester NH1:12:2111:001:01:21
6Thomas KnattConcord MA1:12:274:001:08:27
7Charlie MansbachNewton MA1:13:393:001:10:39
8Josef DellagrotteStow MA1:14:330:001:14:33
39 Oakland Road
Brookline, MA 02445-6700
United States

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